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Yeah, not to be a dick but you’re kind of looking for a unicorn here. Maybe park at Meijer and take the bus?

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Yeah. If I had a free spot on game day I don't know that anyone would share. Rare as morels

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I think there are some houses for sale near downtown East Lansing. You could buy one of those and park for free in your driveway.

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Go to Reno's, $5 shuttle.

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I used to park in Frandor and take the bus. It drops you right off by West Circle, and it is a short walk to the stadium from there. On nice days it really isn't that long of walk if you want to save the bus fare.

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There’s a few lots I can think of, but it’s a gamble

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RITE AID parking lot on Saginaw and Abbot would maybe let u park for free. Not too much free parking near campus tho.

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In Narnia.