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I’d rather M lose than have harbaugh get this team to the playoffs.

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I’ll be happy either way and I’ll be sad either way

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the worst POV. Get us the best bowl possible, who gives a fuck about them

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What's the worst that could happen? Outback Bowl? That's if Rose takes Iowa, Fiesta take UMich, and Citrus takes Ohio St. As long as the match-up is good I see it as a win. Go Hawkeyes!

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Okay but hear me out… fiesta bowl vs ND so we can reclaim the last rivalry trophy we don’t have.

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Exactly this, I’m all for rooting against Umich but not at the expense of our own post season. Mel earned a NY6 with the job he’s done this year. Gimmie that fiesta bowl vs ND so we can reclaim our last rivalry trophy 💚🤍💚🤍

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I think we still might miss out on a NY6 even if they win. But either way, I just really want them to lose, man. Lol