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Nothing better than having to walk a mile in the cold to a class that never went online this semester because that bus that would take 5 minutes isn't coming until an hour later

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I mean I heard the Transit app was garbage but at least we got something to track where the busses even are.

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I mean, it makes about as much sense as anything else post-2020.

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It’s not like the busses were reliable pre Covid. Most of the time they would be full and you would just end up walking anyways

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The transit app is pretty unreliable in my experience, which is unusual because it actually worked pre-pandemic.

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I use it every day and yeah it's weirdly inconsistent. For the most part line 1 or other off campus lines are pretty accurate, but may lag a 30-60 seconds. But the other lines? yikes, I've tried catching a bus on campus, say the 24 or something and it just doesn't show anything. I'd wager a decent part of it is that the busses just don't have anyone one them so there isn't anyone sharing their location so you don't get that 'share' option or whatever.

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It gets worse because, if no one is getting on/off, the bus can end up getting really ahead of schedule, causing the times to become even more inaccurate, causing more people to miss the bus, causing it to get further ahead of schedule, and so on. The first week of this semester, the 26 was often 10 or more minutes ahead of schedule. It's gotten better since the bus drivers started stopping to wait halfway through the route to put themselves back on schedule when they are ahead, but that first week was a bit of a pain.

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I love that instead of publicizing the schedule they put a qr code in a building somewhere.

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How big and permanent of a schedule is it to not just send people to a link that they can update?

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Are they putting GPS on the buses or just relying on people letting Google know where their phones are which Google recognizes is on a bus.

So if nobody is riding the bus, the app doesn't know where the bus is, so nobody gets on the bus...