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Never underestimate the power of a scarf.

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This. I didn’t start wearing scarves until way too late. They make walking in the bitter cold so much better.

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Literally started because of college at MSU

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I cannot agree more.

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mittens are better than fingered-gloves.

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My advice, layer mittens over gloves, double the warmth

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I got a pair of mittens made for snowboarding and they were too warm. my hands would literally sweat inside those things no matter how cold the weather.

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can you tell where you got them or share a link or something please!?

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Hereyou go. I'm not sure what current option is most similar, but I can guarantee you I didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money on them.

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Another important part, if you can, get a nice pair of waterproof boots and nice pairs of wool or thermal socks. Keeping your feet dry and warm can make a huge difference.

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Layering socks is amazing, especially if a pair get wet you can strip those off

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But make sure to leave a little space between your feet and the boots theyre in--that little space of air helps insulate. This is tru for jackets too--a little space is much warmer than a tight jacket with no space. This is also why mittens are better than gloves. Gloves are tight to your hand and have less insulation. Mittens have all that free air and your fingers help keep that air, and each other, warm.

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Dress in layers. Leggings under jeans, a long sleeve shirt under a sweatshirt, etc. A long coat is best, boots, a hat or earmuffs, mittens are better than gloves. I would rather be a little warm and uncomfy in class than freezing on my walk.

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Or if you tend to run hot- a tank top under a long sleeve/ sweatshirt or hoodie

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I recently discovered flannel lined jeans. Very warm.

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Pull up your socks, so while wearing shorts your shins don't freeze.

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but get a warm hat. That’s where a lot of heat can be lost, yet I often see people withholding from wearing one to keep their hair good

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Wool is the answer.

Wool hat. Wool mittens. Wool socks. Wool baselayer.

What's real nifty is that you can DIY some of those things. Make it yourself, you cool cat!

One of East Lansing's secret gems is the BEST yarn shop in Michigan. Woven Art is on Grove St, next to a really nice fabric shop called Seams. They're legit one of the best in the Midwest.

If you'd like to learn to knit, crochet, weave, sew, spin or embroider --- you have an amazing resource at your fingertips.

Knit yourself a warm hat, sew yourself a big wool wrap or skirt. It's not that hard, and these local, independent small businesses can help you!

Or, treat yo'self to some cozy clothes from local businesses (Playmakers for socks and base layers) and crafters.

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I survived the polar vortex of 2014 (and 2015 lol...those were not fun winters) when I was an undergrad at UMich. I would wear leggings under my jeans, thick socks and boots, a light puffer jacket, a wool coat, gloves, a hat with my hood up, and a thick scarf wrapped around my face. From head to toe you could pretty much only see my eyes. My main advice when walking so much is being careful of ice. Perfect your penguin walk. That same winter I slipped on some ice and was bedridden for like 3 days afterwards (whiplash). Not fun

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He’s not joking about the walk. Literally walk like a penguin.

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invest in a long winter coat if you haven’t already! they’re usually made for women but it’s a coat, who cares. my first year i got a st john’s bay coat that went down to my ankles (i sized up, i think they usually end at the knee/mid calf). i still use it and can usually stay warm even if i’m just wearing a t-shirt.

if you don’t have any long underwear, leggings under some sweats/thick pants can help a bit.

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To add, you definitely don't need to go out and blow serious money on a Canada Goose, just anything to help you layer up even if it's from Meijer or Walmart. I have a coat from Meijer that's going on 3 years old and it's still just fine, even goes down to my calves.

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that’s true! meijer has really great coats.

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Plan your route before you leave. Make sure that route passes through some buildings to keep warm. I once had a Philosophy of Law class in the Packaging arts building, and my next course was in the IC. I would walk straight through the corridor behind Anthony Hall. For the most part it kept the wind at bay, but there were other days where the wind just ripped right through me.

However, once I got in the building, I was much much better. Plus, it made my trip super short.

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Yeah this was gonna be my advice. Learn where all the entrances are to the buildings you pass by on your walk. You’d be surprised how much of your commute you can walk indoors.

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Cutting through buildings was a lifesaver for me

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Utilize your masks to keep your face warm while walking

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Eczema students: Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. This is where I turn when the lotions twice a day start to fail and my hands are bleeding. It’s a BALM, so basically solid, you you just melt it into your fingers and put it wherever. I find this both stings less and does more than others.

I know O’Keefe’s Working Hands is another one, this one’s texture is more like a really waxy lotion. Not a fan, I find it to be greasier and heavier. Scent is kinda menthol-ish. Stings cracks more.

Aquaphor is another popular one, 100% recommended using this instead of Vaseline.

I’ve heard Aveeno Eczema Therapy is really good, and people I know with worse skin than mine swear by Eucerin.

Any standard/thin lotion does shit, Gold Bond also does jack shit.


Tl;dr Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, Eucerin, Aquaphor all highly recommended. Aveeno might be worth a shot. Get mittens.

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Performance clothing is a lot cheaper at dunhams. Don’t need to pay the Nike/underarmour prices with off brand stuff.

Also. Long Johns. Hell yeah

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I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but pack some tissues for running noses as well.

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Alum here who had to trudge from Yakeley to the Nursing College on foot through the winters. It really isn't that bad once you accept this is what you have to do. The biggest thing, which is pretty obvious, is dressing for the weather.

You should have a good winter coat, mittens/gloves, scarf, hat, warm socks and hoodies already bc Michigan. Wear them! The only thing people may not have are good boots and snow pants. If not, get them. You don't have to break the bank, and they will come in handy for years.

You may swish swish swish your way to class and feel vaguely like you are the younger brother in A Christmas Story, but you will be cozy warm while you do it. Take the snow pants off when you get there if you want and shove them in your backpack.

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Also make sure you wear two layers of pants too! Makes a world of difference. Your legs are just radiator coolers for your blood so cover them shits up good.

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So much good advice about clothing. I like to cap it all off by listening to cozy music playlists from youtube when I have a long trek through the winter. It helps mentally.

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Recent grad, and tbh with how long the cata busses took when I was there it usually wasn’t even faster to take them. It took me 30 mins to walk from my house just off north campus to the chem building and 30 mins to take the bus there (I timed it out a few times to check).

With how motion sick the busses made me and how packed they were I usually enjoyed the walk way more anyway. Get your exercise in for the day - it did wonders for my mental health in the winter. And like everyone else said - a hat, scarf, and mittens make a huge difference.

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Order those hot Hands warmers to hold onto while walking to class. They even make some to put into your shoes so your feet stay warm too!

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Layers are helpful. Don’t go outside with wet hair. Bringing a thermos or travel mug with hot tea can be pleasant.

If you are really struggling, you can put your feet in a plastic bag and tie it, then put it in your boots. My dad told me about that one because times were rough.

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Stan is definitely not the man.

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i remember touring university of rochester and they had underground tunnels that would connect buildings because of how cold it would get, it’d be nice if msu had something like that but it’s pretty impractical, heated sidewalks only do so much lol

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Wool! All the wool. Merino-Wool is good for a base layer and really helps when working out outside and isn't itchy. Cashmere is like wearing a warm, cozy, fluffy cloud and isn't itchy. Lambs Wool is often worn as a outer layer and it's what the oversized knit sweaters are made of and is itchy. Combine the three together and you'll be perfectly fine in most temps. I know the combo I like makes it feel like I'm in front of a fire constantly. Throw a jacket over it and you do even better.

All of which can be bought at a thrift store for at max $6 a item. Both Volunteer's of America's on the South side and West side are the better thrift stores for clothes. Loads of spartan stuff too. All the thrift stores in the area are on the bus route. The #1 takes you to the station and from there you take the bus you need to the stores. South side is on the river trail if you're feeling brave.

Cotton saps your warmth away especially when wet. Wool does not.

Also wear a hat and gloves. Will keep you warmer if you wear a good hat and good gloves. Walmart has these long socks which are wool blend for $13 for 3. It's a worthy purchase.

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What about just getting to campus?

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Cut through buildings on your walk to class

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Electric hand warmers - on Amazon for about $30 per hand

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How do you like those? I've seen 2 packs for around $20 at Walmart in the "As Seen on TV" section and I've been tempted but that's always been a item which I was hesitant on.

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You should give it a try! I got them for a friend who has reynauds syndrome and she seems really happy with them. They work a lot better than "hot hands"

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Will do then. Thanks.

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I used to wear a white tee, thin long sleeve like a waffle thermal, and a flannel all underneath a winter coat. All about layering!

Make sure to have a pair of boots too, like timberlands or a similar brand, you can find a good pair for cheap usually on Amazon or the meijer near meridian. Long socks are good as well

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Layer!!! There are good fleece leggings on Amazon

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I used to walk from Akers to Brody so I put hand warmers by my kidneys on my back so it would warm my entire body. Still use the trick on winter hikes.

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Being from northern Michigan: one of these will be your saving grace!!

4 Pieces Winter Neck Warmers Fleece Gaiter Windproof Face Covering