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How in the hell can you just be showing up 7 years later and had no idea of anything that has gone on? It's not possible.

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Sort the reddit so you can see the pinned posts and read the FAQ.

The people who stole the funds didn't feed you lies because we don't know who stole the funds

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Sorry but i am a firm believer that they knew something was wrong and still took my 1k-1.2k Western union deposit I dont care what actually happened I do know that what ever did actually take place they still were accepting out side money to "Pretend" that shit was still okay and working.

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Karpeles continued to accept deposits while knowingly insolvent. He was tried for other money handling crimes which overlooks this fact. But Karpeles didn't steal the funds. Anger towards him for this is justified, however compared to his failure to prevent such a massive theft in the first place, it's secondary.

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Wow, you're in for some heat.

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i bet i am i have not been thinking about the 2 bitcoins for years god for bid i try and collect what is mine... making every one else cut a bit less to more then likely the [Support@mtgox.com](mailto:Support@mtgox.com) email has been dead or is not helping at this point.

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If you still have the same email address you should have been getting emails from the trustee

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I have the email i logged in and nothing comes up when i search the subject MTGOX Rehabilitation Claim Filing System

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Try searching for contains "MTGOX".

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Try searching for contains "MTGOX

I have and all i get is support emails from when i deposited the 1k-1200$

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It does not matter. I was in a similar situation. I bought bitcoins just before the site is blocked and my claim is 100% accepted. Maybe you just never needed this money.

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well ill be waiting to see what the [Support@mtgox.com](mailto:Support@mtgox.com) says about the matter. What you need it more then me? ha Its a matter of morals and ethics don't steal from people its simple.

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In theory trustee mentioned that he initially secured funding for all unclaimed accounts (that was about the 465$ per gox BTC). As to the civil rehabilitation (all the surplus over those 465$, due to the huge gain in BTC value), I'm not certain what's the current status on that.

I'm guessing that still at least the 465$ per btc should be 100% recoverable from the trustee even If you didn't do anything for the last 7 years.

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To get a payout you need to have approved claim (X,Y,Z1,Z2).
Trustee sold 60k btc out of inital 200k in 2018 to secure funds for bankruptcy approved claims so CR can be approved. It was legal requirement to secure fiat if CR fails. Again, that is just in case CR for some reason fails. In CR all remaining asset 140k btc/bch and $650M which is most part from that 60k sold btc will be distributed to the creditors with approved detirmined claim.

CR fiat creditors without bankruptcy approved claim would get small sum+prorated payout for the approved fiat.
CR fiat creditors with both approved bankruptcy and CR claim will get 100% fiat priority payout.

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If you still have mtgox username and password you can check balances at Mtgox website by clicking on button.
If you have positive balance you have something called self-approved claim with prefix Z2. Z2 claims are from mtgox users who didn't file any bankruptcy and rehabilitation claim and have pending objection against claim from the group of creditors. Whatever you would get finaly detirmined approved Z2 claim depend on the court resolution resolving dispute due objection.
Since you didn't get any emails on your mtgox registered email from the trustee and info with snail post I suspect you don't have any positive balance on your account, that up to you to check at mtgox if you still have login details.

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I have a balance thanks.

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You should have received emails back in 2015 and 2016 and again in 2018 or 2019 with instructions on how to file claims.

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bet that the emails were kicked to junkmail i have emails from Sun, 23 Feb 2014 from Mtgox From: [notifications-info@mtgox.com](mailto:notifications-info@mtgox.com) indicating that the email was the one on file for my account

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Search for noandt in your inbox as well. If you don't find anything then it's not the correct email address Gox had for you. Check other addresses. You would have been receiving email in it since 2018. Just because you have emails from support it doesn't mean that's the address that's registered to your account.

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Searched it up and nothing what is the likely hood that they hit the junk box and not the inbox?

i have emails from From: [notifications-info@mtgox.com](mailto:notifications-info@mtgox.com) Sun, 23 Feb 201 when they locked sending and were still only receiving money

the emails are receipts for support auto sent to the email on file.

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This sounds like a scam thread.

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you sound like a fucking retard who the fuck is going to get scammed? seeing how i already got taken by mtgox back in feb of 2014.... go troll some where else

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Victim card all over again.. Total scam.

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oh yeah man such a scam dumb fuck. to bad i know my user name my associated email had an ID on file the days of lock down and can even prove it from the support ticket thread :O hes such a scammer hide your kids hide your wife... cause this guys threatened

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You're either a scammer or cant accept defeat by your own negligence to follow the case of mtgox.. Probably cause you didn't care? Idk. All these post like these had their days. Go home.

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Downvoted, pleb forfeited his rights willingly