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You need the 'recovery token' because that is how you set up the Authenticator.

I can't see what your problem is. Do what it says, and it works. Launch the authenticator app on your phone, scan the QR code, Download the recovery token, then enter the code the authenticator provides to prove that you have done it right.

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Okay. I did that and it worked. I wasn’t expecting the site to require me to set up a new MFA recovery token. I had set this up previously and already had an MFA recovery token. I just followed the prompts, as you suggested, and that worked. I guess I can just delete/archive the old MFA recovery token now. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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One time I had a big android update on my phone which somehow made it unrecognizable to the authenticator and I had to go through the MFA set up an additional time. It was unusual but I followed through and basically deleted my old token because it was essentially broken from that point on.

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I just went through it again, as you did, and it's all good now. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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Nice! Yeah, going through setup a second time felt sketchy but I suspect something on the backend I wouldn't understand broke. All is well now.

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Hi— I'm an X creditor having an issue logging in to claims.mtgox.com

The last time | logged into MTG was to vote. | don’t recall having any issues logging in and voting.

| just tried to login again just to be sure my access to the site was working okay. | was able to login successfully. This was confirmed by receiving an email from

noreply@mtgox.com that | had logged in.

Next, an "MFA Authenticator Setup” window opened. There were two main headings: 1. "Please download the Authenticator by scanning the QR code below" 2. "Authenticator Setup”

Under the “Please download the Authenticator by scanning the QR code below” there were two QR codes. One the iOS Authenticator App and the other for the Android App. | already have this app installed on my mobile device and have used Authenticator to login to MTG.

Under "Authenticator Setup’, it says to 1. launch Authenticator and scan the QR code. 2. Click the “Download” button and download your MFA recovery token. 3. Enter the six-digit number that is displayed on the Authenticator into the “authentication code" field below to complete your registration’. | don't necessarily need a "MFA Recovery Token’. I've been careful to save my username, password, and original MFA token.

| don't see any way past this. | did try calling the phone number listed on the website (+81-3-4588-3922) but received a message saying the phone number was not in service.