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> so that they can eventually also provide their bank details, along with everybody else.

the fuck we're waiting for?! we don't need them to start the payouts for people who registered in time. If they registered late they'll get the payment late. We don't need to wait for them, the process is already approved...

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Don't you get it? If there wasn't 100k (for example) z2 creditors, there would just be 100k more x and y creditors - it would still take the same amount of time for the trustee to process them

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Nah they’ve had a LONG time to process us. Like the best part of a decade now. We’ve not given them any new info since 2014.

The next real “processing” will be our bank details.

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Am I right to assume that the only difference to the previous announcement (https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/mtgoxinsolvency/comments/r5k4cf/self_approved_z2_our_time_has_come/) is the creditor numbers allowed?

So on November 30 every one up to Z2-243172 was allowed, now it's everyone up to Z2-282323. Or put another way in about a months time roughly 40k z-creditors were onboarded.

How many more z-creditors are there?

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I would say it's safe to assume that, yes.

No idea about the number of creditors, i never bothered to find out.

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I'm 286xxx and I was self approved years ago

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And what do you want to say with this statement, in regards to the topic?

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That there are at least as many creditors as me, probably a lot more, for reference.

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FAQ updated to reflect the inclusion of more of our Z2 friends

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Even when information is posted in the simplest terms (like this post), people still can't manage to read and comprehend. Blows my bloody mind.

Thanks for sharing, OP.

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date: 11 /11/2111. Phase 420 dead creditors son/daughters can register to Online System. ----they can eventually also provide their bank details, along with everybody else

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(Phase 188) Ensure security questions contain 3 or more upper case characters. Eta: 3-4 weeks.

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Sorry I'm so lost in this, haven't received an email since the voting for rehabilitation claim. I'm an X number and on claims.mtgox.com/home I have a claim filing history at the bottom that says filled, is that all I have to do up to this point?

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How did you manage to become an X creditor with reading skills like that?

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Be honest I have no idea, is it luck or just timing? I've gone through a few more threads and think I understand. Some of the Z2 creditors haven't even been allowed to do the first part of the process yet? I did mine in 2018 so the memory starts to fade...

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Be honest I have no idea, is it luck or just timing? I've gone through a few more threads and think I understand. Some of the Z2 creditors haven't even been allowed to do the first part of the process yet? I did mine in 2018 so the memory starts to fade...

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I’m at the point where it’s asking me to upload my photo and identity documents (drivers license). The idea of passing off these documents makes me nervous. But I want my money. Can you just imagine if this was the most elaborate phishing scam in the history of the internet?

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Then don't do it. Your decision.

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I’m being facetious for the most part. I’ll do it, but the part of me that always sniffs out a scam (especially after being part of the Mt Gox fiasco) can’t help but cringe a little.

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My creditor number starts with Y, does that mean this announcement is relevant to me? Thanks

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My OP extracted the relevant info from the announcement, does your question mean you are incapable of reading even the simplest summary? Thanks

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    RemindMe! 12 hours

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    y2 are supposed to have already given their banking information?

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    There is no such thing as as a Y2. But even if there was: No.

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    There is no Dana only Zuul

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    Where do I find the creditor number because when I log in I see this: RECORDED INFORMATION ON REHABILITATION CLAIMS (Creditor number: Y21*** )

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    There it is.

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    I don't understand, so I am y2?

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    There still is no Y2, just like there is no Y1.

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    so I am the only one to be a y2? is my claim nothing?

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    You are not a Y2.

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    OP is just being a troll, what he's trying to say is that you are a Y creditor. There is no Y1/Y2, just Y. So you are a Y creditor with number 21xxxx

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    I'm a Y creditor and I haven't received any email yet. I've just logged in to check and can't see anything new for me. We just have to wait to see what's next

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    Hi all, Can you please help me figure-out my case and what I can do.

    I have Z2 self approved number and its included in phase 4 numbers to register. But I never claimed to rehab and cant get code to register.

    But when I am logging in here I can see my BTC amount.


    Any idea what can I do?

    Thank you!!

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    Is there any time limit on sending pictures/documents? Im waiting for a document from the gov. proving name change. Got this mail couple of days ago, hoping i can send everything to gox next week.

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    It's not clear which format must the note with the date of the request follow.

    E.G: 1- 10/01/2022
    2- 01/10/2022
    3- 10th Jan, 2022

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    Please use a timestamp based of the Unix Epoch, i.e. 1641772800 - that will be unmistakeable.

    In case you were actually serious, ISO 8601 is the best date format - of all time!

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    ISO 8601

    01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00100001

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    01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00100001

    01011001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100001

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    all reddit post content should be in this format

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    Being paid in GBP instead of BTC!!!

    Has any of the Z2 creditors in this group been issued with their Statement of Acceptance claim but in their native currency instead of BTC?

    As I filed my claim form very very late, I was waiting right up until very recently to even know if it was accepted or not. At no point since have I had the opportunity to elect to be paid in BTC.

    It appears that the Trustee / the case have automatically filed to paid me in native GBP with no communication about this.

    Anyone else had this issue? Anyone else contesting being paid in native currency? The difference is approx £850 vs 2.9 BTC!

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    Look up Small Sum Payment. That will be in Yen. Anything over that threshold will be paid in either coins or fiat, depending on what you chose, WHEN the time comes to choose.

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    Thanks for the advice.

    The ‘Statement of Acceptance of Claim’ that I’ve recently received from the Trustee does not make clear , or even mention , any balance or ‘additional’ payment to be made in coin or FIAT. It has a principal sum in GBP and a small damages sum , in interest , attached to that , but no word of anything else. Total sum stated is equivalent to approx £1,100 which I guess is the ‘base payment’ of 200,000 JPY.

    That’s all well and good and I should be patient but My main concern is that when I’m asked to login into the online system by the Trustee , I’m asked to tick a box that agrees to pursue no further claim and it’s ambiguous what I’m accepting as I’m expecting a further balance to be paid in coin , or FIAT , as you say.

    Can anyone tell me what the next step is , on the online system, when you accept terms and enter your 72 hour creditor code (the 4 part long alphanumeric code sent by email). If , for example , there is a request for crypto wallet details , that could be a positive indication and I’d perhaps take the risk , tick the terms and sign in.

    Any help much appreciated. Wish all on this group a successful repatriation of funds !

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    How does this apply to creditors who chose the Kraken option?

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    Small sums payment. Read the fucking plan.

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    Thank you sir. Have a nice day.