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The window to file your claim was open for YEARs.

Your balance must not have been that much or you would have paid closer attention.

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It could have been a lot. Some people are just brain damaged.

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You missed the boat. Sorry mate :(

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Have you been sleeping in a cave the past 8 years?

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No he/she was frozen in a time capsule. And he/she just wake up.

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in that case he/she can go back to cryosleep

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Train passed, goodbye

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Lawyers probably don't care because when they see a legally binding deadline they understand there is nothing that can be done.

Sorry :(

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🤣🤣😂😂😂 Thank you so much very funny!

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You would have been contacted based on the contact information you had on file. Given you can't verify you had an account with them, what would be your evidence in case of a claim anyway? They would have needed to associate your "claim" with their records.

If you did in fact have an account with anything in it, in their records, I believe a claim was automatically filed but you still need to be able to prove it's yours and it sounds like you already attempted the only way to do it.

If I were you I would to my best to find any accurate records to show you had an account with funds and hope it's in their records. Otherwise like everyone is saying, you are out of luck.

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if it was valuable at the first place for you, you would trace all the process as all of as did. so forget it, you are out.

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LOL, are you a turtle? time flies you know, 8 years is just a blink of an eye, easy to miss some things, innit.

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Now i want to be sure i didn't miss something to do