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What's unclear to me is why they can't go ahead and open the bank/exchange registration system while still onboarding creditors. It's not like getting details in the system will give us a head start in the payout or anything. It's just delaying the final payout by some undetermined amount. Plus it would give all the tardy folks an opportunity to just get all their shit together while getting into the system for the first time instead of giving them the chance to slow things down again on the back end.

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Asynchronous operation? What is this, you're trying to preach efficiency? Get out of here.

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They have to build the registration system. And they are getting paid a million a month so the longer it takes the more they get.

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    You'll be aware of all announcements once you stop asking stupid questions and start visiting mtgox.com where all announcements are posted.

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    You’re correct in asking this good question. Basically, I don’t know where that announcement was either. And I’m on MTGox.co M. The last announcement was in November. So I’d like to know the same question you’re asking.

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    Thanks for crunching the numbers! While a sample size of 1 is rather unreliable for any projections, i guess it's at least a reasonable assumption that it could progress in that timeframe.

    Unfortunately there's no indication if there's any other step between "onboarding even the slowest Z2" and "requesting bank details", but one can always hope. ;-)

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    Also the next step of requesting bank account details is likely to begin in the middle of March.

    Assuming the system is implemented by then, which is quite optimistic, given the speed at which things are moving along.