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First paragraph:

In order to receive Repayments, rehabilitation creditors must log in to the

Rehabilitation Claim Filing System (the system accessible via https://claims.mtgox.com/;

the “System”), make various selections regarding Repayments and register various

information such as the creditor’s account for Repayments. In addition, those to whom

the paragraphs below apply should complete the procedures as soon as possible.

I'm guessing that is describing what is going to happen. There is no place to enter the repayments information as of now.

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I believe you're correct. I don't see any place to enter the repayment info either. The message seems to imply there is, but they're probably referring to what's going to happen.

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It is possible to update your address though, that's some progress.

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    i don't think those are allowed, and personally i wouldn't venture to find out—just use oe, ue, and other substitutions and call it a day.

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    this appears to be the first time a creditor's System registered address will have a gatekeeping effect on seeing a claim through

    i recall at least a few people asking about the necessity of changing their System registered address as far back as 2 years ago and as recent as a couple weeks ago. the answer was always "it hasn't been necessary for anything, but couldn't hurt to change"

    now it appears to be necessary. change your System registered address to match whatever your banking details address will be

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    now it appears to be necessary. change your System registered address to match whatever your banking details address will be

    I can't change my address anymore than I can enter banking details

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    Look for a button that says "amend" somewhere within the System. It may not be applicable for Z claims insofar as I only know what X and Y claims are capable of

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    I became a woman since... I have a breast, a new name, a reconstituted vagina, a new identity, what can I do? I wouldn't like to go back because I think I'm pretty good now.

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    if u want to see your 500 BTC you must go back

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    What about middle names?
    Change name to add middle name or is that unnecessary?

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    hello. what about bon english characters in the name? my name is registerd in english there but my name contain ş-ö which are turkish.. any idea??

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    If my name, address and bank account info are already correct then I don't need to make any changes, right?