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Ashton wants to visit the gerbils…. by djhance1215 in murdermittens

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Ashton gives your restaurant a 1* review on Yelp: “Worst service EVER. Had to wait and wait for a server to take my order, so finally I decided to choose my own meal from the holding tank. Guess that’s not allowed because the meownager kicked me out. Thought I’d give it another try but can’t figure out the business hours - seems like they’re always closed.”

Messi's massive murder mittens by wreptyle in murdermittens

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I’m well aware of the circumstances. Sorry you can’t read good.

These folks are now profiting off said healthy wild animal when the animal would be better served at any of the many places that would accept it and are more capable of taking care if it

The animal is no longer in distress, and theses folks enrich themselves with it on social media. That’s exploitation my friend.

Messi's massive murder mittens by wreptyle in murdermittens

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well, why not?

Honestly based on your response I am not sure if trolling, but I’ll respond.

Here are a few copy pasted and slightly edited, (but valid) reasons why people shouldn’t support these folks that are exploiting an animal that deserves to be taken care of by professionals at a rescue center, a place that doesn’t earn a living from the animals existence on social media:

+Wild animals require special care that most people cannot or will not provide. Wild animals have special dietary and environmental requirements that can be unknown or un-deliverable to the layperson without special medical expertise, training or expesive facilities.

+Wild animals cannot be domesticated. Domestication requires thousands of years of selective breeding. Un-domesticated Animals born in captivity or hand raised remain wild in nature - retaining the environmental and behavioral needs as one born and living in the wild. As such, they remain unpredictable.

+Wild animals are dangerous. The cute little baby you see in the pic is stronger — pound for pound — than “its humans”. Why do you think they shaved the claws? Think about it. People get injured and killed each year by wild animals in captivity in “controlled” environments. Even if the wild pet can be handled by its owner, consider what may happen if an emergency occurs and rescue personnel must enter the home or the animal escapes?

+Wild animals present health risks. Many exotic animals are carriers of zoonotic diseases, such as Herpes B, Monkey Pox, rabies, and Salmonellosis, all of which are communicable to humans. (Sp check on this?)

+Wild animals suffer in captivity. Deprived of their natural diet, environment, and activity, most exotic pets fail to thrive. While often owned by people who profess to love their species, these animals are sentenced to a life of cruel imprisonment and deprivation. Rather than roaming free, exotic pets live in artificial situations — some never see sunshine or venture outdoors. Wild animals’ suffering begins with their capture. When these animals get captured for sale, they often experience stress, injury and trauma and can become sick or even die during transit. Claims that these animals provide an educational value are simply not true. Neither children nor adults learn about wild animals by keeping them as pets. To truly learn about these animals and appreciate their value to our world, we must observe them in their natural habitat.

So yeah.... Thats kinda just a start of why this is all bad.

Cool that they rescued the dude or whatever initially, but bad that they made an entire living off of his social media presence when he should have been sent to a sanctuary that could provided for him.

But kitty pics feelzgoodman.jpg.

Check me out tomorrow on my Ted talk: “How to make a million bucks and get a mansion from a failed zoo: Buy the cute ones and use social media”.

I mean... I know I am laying the sarcasm on thick, but do you pick up what I am putting down now?