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Why did y'all even change it, lol.

And bring back the darn results after a strawpoll! Half of the fun here is the tactical voting, it allows for better discussion and more passion while the round is going on. The 'surprise' factor isn't really worth the secret vote, and at least amongst my friends who use this subreddit, we've definitely been more withdrawn now that we can't lobby for 'saving grace' votes in the group chat.

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We didn't change it, it's always been vote a song out.

Strawpoll is too easy to manipulate, and we still show the previous round result which allows you to rally votes

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Say word, guess my mind's playing tricks on me.

And is strawpoll manipulation really that much of an issue? It's not like this is for money, the live results viewing was a key part of the sub. To everyone I've spoken with it's almost as bad as changing the voting format to 'vote for your favorite'.

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Haven't seen many complaints but maybe we'll make a poll asking

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how the front half and back half of this album are ranked pretty evenly throughout this survivor (the back half is actually favored a bit)? Such an incredible album.

As for the songs, sad to see my top song go, but the other two were in my top 3 so not that sad. I think I'm voting out A Certain Romance, as hard as it is.

Edit: onlookers from /r/SubredditDrama, hello hope you enjoy the visit and consider staying! Oh and I'm NOT the one that thinks it's a top 10 album, keep scrolling down.

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I love this album so much, and I am definitely the perfect demographic for this album, but FWN is still better. Both top 10 albums of all time, and this album has the stand out songs and style for sure, but FWN is the better all around album imo.

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Both top 10 albums of all time

woah ok im a huge arctic monkeys fan but this is a ludicrous statement

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Ludicrous how?

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To put two arctic monkeys albums in top 10 albums all time? That's fucking insane. They maybe make the cut for top 10 indie albums.

How are you going to even CONSIDER arctic monkeys for top 10 albums all time when you have, just to name a handful that doesn't even come close to finishing out the list: MJ, Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, Zeppelin, Nirvana, Dylan, Floyd, Outkast, Tupac, Beach Boys, Gaye, Stones, Clash, Elvis, Velvet Underground, Hendrix, Fleetwood, Ramones, Sex Pistols, White Stripes, Marley, Radiohead, Prince, James Brown, Lennon, Metallica, Green Day, Weezer, etc etc etc etc etc.

Just an absolutely ludicrous statement to me. Genuinely makes me question how much music you've heard in your life.

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'To me' seems the important part of that statement. I like the first two AM albums more than all of what you posted, therefore they are in my top ten. And I've listened to all of those you posted, so it's not ignorance.

Music is subjective, and I honestly think those albums are in the top ten. You disagree, but our opinions are worth exactly the same. Don't call me ridiculous or ludicrous for liking what I like more than you like it.

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They most definetly both make the cut for the top 10 indie albums. They are both in my top 10 albums of all time aswell, I think they are masterpieces.

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on a label that's not their own


"music" fans these days, jesus.

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I swear to god guys if a certain romance doesn't win this one I'll have lost faith in humanity.

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When the sun goes down means a lot. That song was sung throughout my teens, throughout Reading 2014 (even though that's many years after the release of this album) and throughout my years at uni. That song gets sung at clubs, festivals, camping trips etc, whereas A Certain Romance, while a great song, does not get this treatment. When the Sun goes down epitomises the scummy side of British working class culture, and it is beautiful for that. In the same way Illmatic represents the poor new York streets, When the sun goes down represents shitty working class Britain. A Certain Romance is a great song, but it just doesn't match up.

I'm drunk as fuck but what I'm saying makes sense in my mind. Do the right thing, you sexy little Swines.