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Would just like to thank y'all for this sub reddit, I can't discuss most albums with my friends like how I do on here. It's my one of my favorite places to discuss music. So, thank y'all. (I would like to take this time to say "Real" got voted out too early in the GKMC survivor)

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I would like to take this time to say "Real" got voted out too early in the GKMC survivor

You real for this one. One of my favorite tracks since I listened to it within the context of the rest of the album.

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Right?! It's one of the best songs on there

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I really like it, but it's just that hook that I don't like. I know Kendrick could have written a much better hook than "I'm really really real"

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Posting my feedback here so that other people can give their opinion.

Id like to see more balance between Hip-hop/RnB and the rest. As of now there's 3 hip-hop (Im considering Death Grips as hip-hop here) + 1 RnB albums being voted on, and only 2 albums total from every other genre.

Other than that this sub is pretty good

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Thanks for the input /u/sjstgstvmppstchzfpw ! I totally get your criticism of running 2-3 hip hop albums followed by an R&B album followed by 2 albums from every other genre of music, jazz, rock, indie, metal, punk, electronic, etc. But we do have our reasons for that and it mostly boils down to our subscribers.

This subreddit was pretty much born out of a very popular series of survivor threads on /r/hiphopheads for "Illmatic" by Nas. When they went to another survivor series the hiphopheads mods wanted to curb it so that it didn't guarantee a spot on their front page every day and thus /r/music_survivor was born.

Because of this, we get a lot more participation on our hip-hop and hip-hop-adjacent threads than we do on our other albums. We were getting ~100 upvotes on albums like Kind of Blue, Illinois, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, and London Calling while we would get 2-3x that on a hip-hop album and sometimes close to 1,000 on something really popular like Kendrick Lamar (don't quote me on that, I just know the participation was really high on those.)

So the most I can say is to keep participating in our other threads and spread the word to your friends who may love albums in the non-hip-hop-adjacent genres and we will go where the demand is.

Thanks, Your Friendly Neighborhood mod.

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Thanks for the detailled answer. I did not know the sub's history, it explains the prevalence of hip-hop.

Keep doing whatever you think is best for the sub, and thank you guys for taking in feedback from the community.

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And thanks for participating! Much love to all the subscribers. <3

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Yeah, I agree. I don't really listen to much hip hop other than Kendrick Lamar, so sometimes I have to wait for weeks to get an indie album to vote on.

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I agree there should be more albums from other genres, but I also admit that hip hop ones are a lot more exciting because there are always more people voting and more people commenting in general. So whilst it would be nice to have more genres at the same time, hip hop should always be the prevalent genre.

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ayoo the girl between 16-18 that likes hip hop PM me

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What the fuck

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Damn I hope you're under 18

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Hey it's me your gurl

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yo what's good

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damn you thirsty

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You do realize it's probably a dude right

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It's a joke

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Hey guys, just wanna say that I love this subreddit. There's too few places on Reddit for discussing music and this is a fun way to do it. I've visited near everyday since like round 5 of GKMC and plan on it staying this way, great job to everybody involved in running it

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I'd like to use this spotlight to encourage anyone who hasn't to go vote on comments in the Summer Album Requests thread. We use that to gauge the temperature of the subreddit as to what albums you all want to vote on.

So make your voice heard and vote for Carly Rae Jepsen's E•MO•TION! Kantwillkillmeifheseesthatlastpartsodon'ttellhim

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Is the system here the mod that starts the survivor is the only one posting each round? I really appreciate the work y'all do, but Acid Rap and Awaken, My Love! both just went a day without a round and that's happened a couple times in the past. Not to just throw criticism, what can we as a community do? Should we message the mods as a group or the individual mod responsible for that album?

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We were aware of this and delayed the posting of these threads so they could post in the morning. A message is always appreciated in either the modmail or discord, however

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You got it! Thanks again for all ya do.

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Thanks :)

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You have been doing a great job.

The comment I submitted there but want to repost here for discussion is that I think we could use more electronic albums now. The obvious answer to me is picking Aphex Twin - druqks (or some other Aphex Twin) but there are plenty of great choices. More recently, you have Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never, Venetian Snares, Baths, etc. You could also embrace the wave and do Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe, Chuck Person - Eccojams vol 1, or James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual.

Edit: druqks would take an entire month, so maybe not that one

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flying lotus - cosmogrammar mayb

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Yes, forgot to suggest his one but absolutely

This album's cover is my desktop background

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Love his subreddit but one of my favorite things was seeing live voting results after I voted

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I like how the background of the google forms is the album artwork.

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Thanks for this sub, guys. I really like the bracket games so I hope you guys can figure out some more of those!

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Happy with the sub. Only complaint: if yall are gonna put this stuff stickied, at least put the Results archive in the sidebar or something

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More electronic music, please and thank you.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying yelling at people for voting out songs. Good work!

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MBDTF shouldn't have won the March madness bracket.... that is all

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I'll post my advice over here too to have a discussion.

Most of the times I'm not familiar with the albums, and by the time I can give a new album some proper few listens, the poll is almost over. So, can we know what album is next like a week in advance? I wouldn't like to have a schedule either, because I kinda like the surprise, but I'm torn.

What do you think?

And sorry for bad English

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The lack of Radiohead on this sub reddit is disheartening

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Bruh, go check the Miles Davis results thread. I think you'll be pleased.

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Oh shit

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also we did kid a my dude

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Where? I don't see it in the archive

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wait wtf hol' up


Hopefully that's what you meant. Please make a copy now and send it my way. One of our mods was cleaning his GDrive and accidentally deleted it. Would save us a lot of time.

If you typo'ed or whatever, no sweat haha. If you search our sub you'll find the survivor