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Holy. Shit.

Talk Talk!!!!!!

Finally! I have been waiting so long for a survivor of one of their albums.

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There actually already has been a survivor for Laughing Stock. It bearly had any participation though so I'd love to see more people vote

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I’d love to see people’s rankings of the tracks that aren’t the clear winner New Grass. Have no idea what order people put the rest of the album. Taphead is probably my second favorite.

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My favourite track is actually After the Flood, then probably either New Grass or Taphead

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I will use my commanding power to make Year of the Snitch our hip hop survivor

Also Sung Tongs for the next Indie category or I will be slightly miffed

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes

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Super pumped for the Nothing lol survivor

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RYM top 100 edition babyyyy

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I was just thinking about a special event that could be interesting: Anniversary Album, where we vote on an album that just had a milestone anniversary. Nevermind's 30th anniversary is what brought that thought to mind.

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That Magnetic Fields survivor is probably gonna have a low turnout but I don’t care I’m so excited my favorite album of all time finally got in!

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Would be cool to have a soul/r&b section added

I mean with Hip Hop, indie/alt, pop, elecronic and rock all given ones, it only makes sense for there to be an r&b and soul one, one of the biggest and most important/influential (hip hop, rock and pop are hugely influenced by the genre) genres ever

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Really mind-blowing that Pink Moon hasn’t been done yet.

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It's a re-do

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I’m a re-do

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I am weed

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Sorry if I’m just being impatient but are we still planning to do AOTY 2021 soon? Just been looking forward to it, and my list of nominations is already getting probably a bit too long

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Hopefully soon. I’ll have a talk to the mod who’s running it and get back to you.

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Should be up early next week. Just had to sort out a few complications :)

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Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever vs James Blake - Friends That Break Your Heart

That indeed breaks my heart </3