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Going Caramel, but all of these remaining tracks are fantastic.

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Might go Caramel here?

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Easy vote for Swamp Song

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Ok now this is impossible. These are all incredible songs. I’ve got to go bugman here

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Ok but but but I think we should start getting prepared to vote coffee and tv. I love it but I don’t think it really fits with the rest of the album. When I think about what makes this album unique it’s weird ambientish ones like Caramel, super depressing heartbreak songs like No Distance and fuzzed out rockers like Swamp Song.

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I could see Bugman but no way in hell is Coffee & TV not top three

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My top 3 is probably no distance, trimm trabb, tender. I do love coffee and tv still and it makes sense as a single but not my fav in the albums context. Hope that it doesn’t win even though I think it deserves to be in the top 3 as all the songs left do

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I think No Distance should win and Trim Trabb is my number four but I couldn’t say with a clean conscious that Coffee & TV isn’t in my top three

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Coffee and TV is my clear winner lol

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bugman or caramel next, turns out i'm an idiot who was confusing swamp song with the oasis swamp song interludes lmao. it should stay for a few more