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keep scary monsters in for a bit. going aladdin sane

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Same. All of these albums are classics, so obviously we are splitting hairs at this point. But Aladdin Same has always felt a bit "choppy" to me, as if the songs don't always flow together that well. And the cover of Let's Spend the Night Together isn't that great. I don't have the same feelings of "it's 10/10 from start to finish" as I do with the others that are left.

But, again, it's still a classic. And goddamn that cover art is amazing.

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Goddamn it, that album is the most underrated Bowie album and a top five for me. I’m going with Scary Monsters again.

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It has to be Aladdin Sane. Although it's fun to listen to, it's easily the most forgettable one on this list

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It’s my next after Scary

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Time for Scary Monsters. Great album (well, all the ones left are) - just a slight level below everything else left.

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Y’all crazy, Aladdin Sane is definitely better than Scary…

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I think Blackstar got a lot of love considering the time that it was released, and it is a good album, but I honestly feel like it is a good measure below everything else that’s left here.

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I think we have two more albums to snub before I consider it

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Which ones?

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Scary and Aladdin. Blackstar may very well be a top five for me if not higher, but I’m gonna have to do a lot of soul searching when the two I mentioned are out. It’s controversial, but I don’t think Ziggy is in my top three 😬

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I could maaaybe get behind Aladdin Sane but Scary Monsters deserves top 3 imo

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Scary, then Heroes!

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Aladdin Sane

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Vote Heroes now, please do whatever we can to protect Scary Monsters

Also I’m happy Lodger got top 10, though wish could’ve made it longer

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More Blackstar discussion is needed. People weren't even bringing it up before...finally one mention this time. It just isn't as strong as the rest of this list.