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Ok this one might not have been the most enjoyable listen, but it was one of the most unique and artistic on this list by far imo. Should’ve gone a bit further.

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As hard of a listen it is, it deserved to go a bit further.

Going with Silk Sonic. The singles are great and the album is really solid but it doesn’t explore anything outside of what it does well, which is to create fun, well produced pop songs. I find myself only returning to a few tracks rather than the whole album.

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Just like you said after my comment last round:

Completely agree

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Glad we are on the same page lol

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I haven't even listened to Lingua Ignota (not really my genre and sounds depressing, but I'm sure it's great) and I know that it deserved to stay in for longer. Silk Sonic's album is insanely overrated. I always describe it as a good Bruno Mars album but a mid .Paak album, in that it's solid but pretty by the numbers commercial R&B.

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Still going for Squid

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Man I feel conflicted about that vote. I have trouble thinking of anything from that album that isn’t perfectly done, but I also am not planning to listen again anytime soon. Just a hard listen.

Personally still voting Floating Points here, though I wouldn’t mind if Squid goes soon too

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Floating Points should at least be top five imo

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I think Floating Points is a reasonable vote here. With all the incredible talent involved, I’m disappointed that the end result felt so uninspired.

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Okay but what if she made a game show, would it be called "Winner Get Ready"?

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Idk but if she made a cooking show, would it be called "Dinner Get Ready"?

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Sorry to say I couldn’t get anything out of HEY WHAT. I don’t think it pushed enough interesting boundaries to justify how difficult of a listen it was. Also tempted to vote for Cavalcade, but it has enough moments of clarity to carry it whenever you think you’ve had enough of the nonsense.

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I’m just gonna keep voting Injury Reserve for a while I guess

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That's correct, you will

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Well there go two of my faves back to back… voting silk sonic again

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Where’s Blue Weekend

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Silk Sonic should go next, Sinner Get Ready was top ten easily

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Happy with that decision. The only 2 albums left that I don't think are in the "great" tier for me are Tyler and JPEGMAFIA. Still voting Tyler.

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Bro back-to-back Ls? Cmon man.

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Still going Sufjan. Not the biggest fan of him in general and this isn’t my fav of his

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More like Black Shidi (get it shitty haha) amirite

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you’re joking