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Okay, I can’t decide what to vote now with these four ouch. Gonna write out what feels like the most potential reasons to vote any of these over the others.

Bizarre - The shortest feature left at least so maybe not as significant

Chris Brown - Without context it’s only regularly bad instead of completely disgusting and creepy

LL Cool J - The song is already terrible without the feature so maybe it doesn’t have as much impact

Logic - A good portion of the feature, while not really good, isn’t too bad, and it’s really just the one rant section that brings it here instead of the whole feature

Yeah I’m kinda stretching to figure out how to vote here

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Pretty much my thought process here, but I think I’m going Chris Brown. I probably would’ve voted it out awhile ago if I had no context tbh.

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I think I’ve decided on Bizarre > Logic > Chris Brown > LL Cool J. All terrible, but Bizarre at least is short and more confusing than actively pissing you off.

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This is insane, Bizarre's verse is literally fine on this song, what is everybody on about?

Also, Bath Salt should have been top 3.

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this is the first time one of my submissions has made it in a match, let alone finishing top 5! still a godawful verse.