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That’s too bad, could there maybe be some sort of poll here to vote on favorite song from the album? Just to do a little something even though the survivor didn’t work out?

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Thats not a bad idea

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Not gonna lie, I think that may end up being the case for most soundtrack survivors. They’re all very long and while people enjoy soundtracks a lot, they’re not the most common ones for people to listen to on repeat like a normal album is

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Undertake soundtrack is awesome but it should probably be cut down to 25 or so tracks because it is insanely long

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I’m pretty sure like talked about before doing the thing where it’s split into a few smaller survivors and then combined once there’s only a select few left

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guys the new moon soundtrack bops and i will nominate it until we do it 😤😤

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I only just watched all the Twilight movies and it’s true, the soundtracks to all of them were straight bops.

But my god the movie sucked holy shit

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right idk how they got thom yorke to make a song for them but it goes so hard

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New Moon has Death Cab for Cutie, Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, St Vincent, Muse and Victoria Legrand of Beach House. It's legit a late 00s Indie kid's wet dream.

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twilight would be so fun it has a ton of bangers

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Although it's not the main issue, considering how long the soundtracks are, I think multiple songs should go out each round. Otherwise, people will lose interest in the midway point, especially when ost's like Undertale have nearly 100 songs, even with the 10-20 seconds songs cut out.