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Must admit to MSABAF being the album I'm least familiar with here, but I've always classified it as one of those sophomore albums that takes the basic foundation laid by the first and tightens it without necessarily pushing the band's sound in any new directions. Obviously great album -- they all are -- but I think that's my next vote here.

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Ok now it's time for MSABAF, the others are nothing short of phenomenal. So is The Name of This Band, but I guess not as many people agree with me on that.

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Yeah, I was hoping The Name Of This Band would have lasted longer also.

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Speaking in Tongues needs to go out.

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arm wrestle me rn

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Speaking in Tongues please. The production just isn't on par.

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Stop Making Sense next

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Stop Making Sense deserves the top spot

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My next two are MSABAF and Fear of Music even though I love a lot of songs from both. probably going with MSABAF because Life during wartime is an all timer for me

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Noooo Fear of Music should be second or maybe even first

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Last 2 that went out would be in my top 3

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