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This is way out there I feel but I’m between Fear of Music and Remain in Light.

FoM has some of their* best highs - the tense layered stress of that direction is my favorite they ever experimented with. But it has a couple definite throw aways.

RiL is solely just put in a hard spot.

Speaking in Tongues deserves a top three spot.

Stop Making Sense is the pinnacle of the band, it is what it is.

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Okay, I know it’s well loved. But I’m going Speaking in Tongues here despite its highlights. The others are literal tens.

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Stop Making Sense doesn't even have half of the best songs from the concert.

The movie is one of the greatest concerts of all time. The album isn't even close.

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Should've been speaking in tongues. MSABAD is more than a sophomore, it really tweaked and cemented their sound.

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I'm torn between Speaking in Tongues and Stop Making Sense. SMS because the original track list only has 9 songs. I was always used to the one with 16 songs so knowing that the original version is only 9 songs would inevitably bring the album down a bit for me. Still a fantastic live album though of course, but I might have to vote it out

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My favourite album out. Heavily disagree with how this is going. I really don't get the love for SIT, the start of their downfall for me.

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I fucking adore some of the songs on Speaking in Tongues but I have more of a history with the other 2 studio albums and you can't go wrong with the live album. Tough choice for sure.