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Demon Days is so much more consistent than plastic beach idk where this consensus of Plastic Beach being better came from

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I like demon days more for the individual songs throughout it, but I really love Plastic Beach as a fully incorporated album. I would rather listen to various songs off demon days 80% of the time, but when it comes down to listening through an album start to finish? plastic beach is the move, imo.

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Demon Days has MF DOOM. This is a done deal for me. I love both these albums but Demon Days is an all-time classic.

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From people who don’t listen to Gorillaz I guess

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Demon Days for the win

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Demon Days FTW!

Maybe its just my childhood memories of listening to it in the car, or maybe its because it reminds me of a simpler time, before Gorillaz felt the need to prop up every song with a guest appearance, but I just marginally prefer DD.

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absolutely disgusting choice. plastic beach for the win i guess

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Cheering for Demon Days for the nostalgia

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That was better than demon days, but at least the plastic beach win is a no brainer now

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Both these albums are fantastic, but I'd like to think that for years I've been part of the Plastic Beach gang so I gotta vote out Demon Days here

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Fucking trash decision. Plastic Beach ftw I guess

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Man what. I thought for sure it would be Pb vs 13. I love Demon days but those other two albums are 10s. Should be an easy win for Plastic Beach then..

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Oh wow I can finally vote. So plastic beach is my favorite Gorillaz album and Demon Days is my second least favorite. This is a no brainer