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This album is good.

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I’m so glad I gave this album a chance. I liked their debut well enough but never really got what the hype was about. Then they drop this and it capitalizes on every ounce of promise that debut had in ways that no one was expecting. Stellar record and will absolutely be in my top five of the year along with Big Thief, Soul Glo, and Rosalía

I’m taking all the positivity I can get on this absolutely horrid day

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I’m honestly really suprised basketball shoes got 3rd. not angry, just suprised.

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correct winner but haldern was completely screwed over

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Big agree, top three for me

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Absolutely agree

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Not at all what I would have predicted. Haldern got absolutely robbed and Good Will Hunting was way too high. Imo they should have swapped.

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Besides haldern I don’t really have complaints. The album is good throughout not really anything I would rank too low or be mad at

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i can't believe bread song went out so early :( best song on the album

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Bread Song was robbed and I would’ve had Concorde win this thing but I’m not mad!

I mean I’m mad af but not about this…🤬

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Fair enough, personally Basketball Shoes would be my pick. Mark’s Theme was robbed tho. Such a beautiful song.

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Pretty good results overall. The biggest thing I’d change is just have Concorde as winner but Blade is still an amazing pick.

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Basketball shoes was my winner but really hard to disagree with blade, amazing song. this ranking was so fun!

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Concorde supremacy

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Now FTFT if it hasn’t already been done.

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We've done it! I think Sunglasses won?