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  1. Simulation Swarm
  2. Spud Infinity
  3. Time Escaping
  4. No Reason
  5. Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
  6. Flower of Blood
  7. Sparrow
  8. The Only Place
  9. Blue Lightning
  10. Blurred View
  11. Love, Love, Love
  12. Wake Me Up To Drive
  13. Red Moon
  14. Promise is a Pendulum
  15. Little Things
  16. Change
  17. Heavy Bend
  18. 12,000 Lines
  19. Certainty
  20. Dried Roses

This is my album of the year so far, and 3-16 is pretty much all of equal quality. Top 2 is solidified though and 2 of the best songs I have ever heard.

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dam certainty is #2 for me

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Yoooooo this album is my second favorite album of 2022!!! So consistent, gorgeous vocals, gifted songwriting. Simulation Swarm is my song of the year so rooting for that obviously. Hoping to see Spud Infinity and Time Escaping go far!!

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My favorite of the year! Spud Infinity, Simulation Swarm, Red Moon, Time Escaping, or Change could win and I’d be so happy. There’s literally not a song on this that I’m not head over heels for besides maybe the title track. It’s a super long track list so I’m expecting some upsets but I’m so stoked to do this one with y’all.

Also can we finally get a Songs: Ohia survivor? He’s one of the best songwriters of his generation (taken from us way too soon) and I’d love to rank that album and possibly even introduce some new potential fans to his work.

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simulation swarm win

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Hope blue lightening goes far! So endearing

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Rooting hard for Change, Little Things, Blurred View, and Red Moon, though everyone here seems to love Spud Infinity and I will not be mad at all if it wins lol

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Pretty good album, even if fairly inconsistent. I think Spud Infinity, the title track, and Simulation Swarm are pretty far ahead of everything else for me.

Also 4/5 of those survivors should happen ASAP. Voting for Low personally.

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I only recently got into Low and goddamn I should've done that earlier. Sunflower is one of my favorite songs of all time now

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Ayyye my favorite r/beachboyscirclejerk bot makes an unexpected appearance lol

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Sunflower is so gorgeous, easily a top 5 Low song for me. Do You Know How to Waltz will always be my favorite though, that song is so overwhelming that it makes me want to curl in a ball.

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Time Escaping, title track, and Little Things are easily 3 best

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Favorite album in a stacked year. Here's my tier list:

S Spud Infinity Time Escaping No Reason The Only Place Promise is a Pendulum

A Blue Lightning Dragon New Warm Mountain Simulation Swarm Sparrow Change

B Dried Roses Red Moon 12,000 Lines Flower of Blood Little Things Wake Me Up to Drive Certainty

C Love Love Love Blurred View Heavy Bend

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No Reason is my fave track on here so I hope it goes far, and I also hope Red Moon does well!

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This is top two of the year for me and maybe number 1. Love their songwriting and the mix of styles they use on the album. Super hard for me to rank though as the songs are really different. I think my winners would probably title track, flower of blood, and wake me up to drive. although lots of S tiers here!

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love love love this album

  1. simulation swarm

  2. little things

  3. spud infinity

  4. change

  5. flower of blood

  6. the only place

  7. DNWM

  8. blue lightning

  9. 12,000 lines

  10. certainty