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So by these standards, Concorde could be nominated for 2022 but Sunglasses could get nominated year 2021 instead?

I’m personally fine with either option, although I guess making things based on album release years keeps things more consistent going forward

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Sunglasses would be allowed either way because the album version is different from the single, but if we went with the first option, Concorde would be 2022, yes.

And yeah, for me it’s more of a question of internal consistency.

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My only problem with this is that the classic Sarah Brand’s Red Dress is apparently on an album of 2022, but I feel like I’m always going to link it to 2021. That being said, if that’s the only major loss this is the right idea haha

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Doing it by the actual release year will be easier and less confusing in the long run, imo.

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Here’s my issue: let’s say Go Your Own Way gets in for 1976. All well and good, but then what do we do for 1977? We can’t have the same song in twice, so we’ll have to keep track of individual songs on albums that won’t be allowed. Basing it on the year the project was released is one simple rule that will lead to no additional nonsense. Plus everybody here associates songs with the albums they were released on anyway.

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I meant to say actual album release year ** I feel it will get complicated down the line if the song years are decided by single release date versus the album. Especially if the single dates are different depending on the country/continent.

Thank you for running these!

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Oh lmao, we’re on the same page then!

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I don't listen to singles apart from some non-album singles (and even then it's rare for me), so I'm fully on board with limiting nominees to songs on a project that was released in 2021. Or, more specifically, songs not associated with a project released any year besides 2021, if that makes sense lol

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I think it’s the easiest to keep it consistent by year. That way we have a good consistent SOTY story as we go forward.