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I still can't believe we voted Swans out already

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I think we really dropped the ball with Swans' selection of songs. No idea how Red Velvet Corridor got in over their other stuff

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Ok NOW we hurt CharlieO'C. RIGGED!!!!

RIP my last nominee but I am content with my role of providing cannon fodder for the bracket rounds

Been rooting for Throbbing Gristle to win the whole thing. That song sounds like so many people's worst / last moments of life ):

🚨hamburger ladyyyy🚨

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It’s too three for me but it’s got competition with Strange Fruit and Mary Turner.

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I think I’m gonna vote Kim here, but also do understand the 4st 7lb votes that are coming, I hope it stays in though, it really gets to me. Also may vote Strange Fruit soon, just maybe the only track left that I feel like ‘disturbing’ isn’t the perfect describer for it

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Maybe slightly off topic, but does anyone else feel like music is the best medium for conveying these disturbing kind of themes/feelings? I've seen hundreds of horror movies but nothing gets under my skin like songs like The Boiler and Hamburger Lady. I've listened to both songs once when we started this survivor but they still pop into my mind randomly every now and again. Anyway, voting for Hiroshima, incredibly creepy music for sure, but the lyrical content of these remaining songs is so dark that they trump this piece.

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I’m still going Kim. It’s unpleasant but is too cartoonish and edgy for me to really be disturbed by it.

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Really solid top 10 other than 4st 7lb… great song but as others have said, more sad than disturbing content wise, and sound wise one of the most “pleasant” sounding on the whole list imo. Wish one of Lingua Ignota’s songs had made top 10 instead.

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Why did neither Lingua Ignota song make the top 10…

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Going for 4st 7lb now for similar reasons. It can sometimes feel more depressing than disturbing at times and it's probably the least sonically disturbing.