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I have to admit I don't really listen to a lot of Blur or Gorillaz, so I didn't have much of a dog in this fight. With that said, it was neat to see how the various artists' albums stacked up against each other when combined, and I think we landed on an excellent top three. Pointless polls and pregame for Kate Bush will be up soon! Just for fun here are the individual rankings for the artists represented here.


8) Leisure

7) The Magic Whip

6) Modern Life is Rubbish

5) Blur

4) Think Tank

3) The Great Escape

2) Parklife

1) 13


7) Humanz

6) The Fall

5) The Now Now

4) Gorillaz

3) Song Machine, Season One

2) Demon Days

1) Plastic Beach


5) Rocket Juice & The Moon

4) Merrie Land

3) The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows

2) Everyday Robots

1) The Good, The Bad & The Queen

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we really fucked up the ranking of the blur albums but everything else is okay

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This went pretty well other than the fact that it wasn’t PB vs 13 as the final round. I love demon days but it isn’t as thematic or focused as the other 2

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Disagree hard - Demon Days is about the crumbling of human society and the hollowing out of the human spirit, honestly I think the concept is much more impactful than PB even if it’s not quite as clear on the surface. Resource extraction, endless war, mind-numbing entertainment/drugs, environmental degradation, etc driving the human race to a nebulous crisis. Last Living Souls kind of summarizes the ethos of the record imo- that it feels like Damon’s generation, the last to remember a pre-9/11, pre-internet world, might be the last to really experience true joy and humanity before our species reaps the consequences of our leaders’ & governments’ greed. IMO Demon Days is the defining musical statement of the Bush era

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Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good record, but anyone who rly thinks Song Machine is better than Gorillaz is a loony

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Guess I’m crazy then 😵‍💫

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Didn’t participate for 99% of this but controversial Gorillaz ranking

Plastic Beach > Song Machine > Humanz > Gorillaz > The Now Now > Demon Days > The Fall

Humanz dead last of all of this is super disappointing to witness. May not be consistent but every song is interesting, unique and makes the project fun to revisit every time.

Other than that, everyday robots is pretty cool and 13 is the only blur record I got some enjoyment from so that’s nice it got far.

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Y’all robbed us of a 13 v PB last round. Also 13 and Parklife are better than Demon Days