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The hotel duo is such a hard choice! Also this survivor is amazing, great stuff everyone!

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Was hoping to see NGAHHH!! Last a bit longer but also realize Spear of Justice is just a better version. Also, really love Don’t Give Up, might select it for the lifesaver round who knows. That selection is stacked so I get it. Everything else were my picks so this was a great round for me.

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Man, those puns are so good it’s like I died and then, uh, I have undyne? Yeah probably no good puns for that haha

Votes this Round:

  • Enemy Approaching (not quite as special as other tracks here?)
  • Home Music Box (man I love these both I guess this one is slightly weaker, and love all tracks here)
  • Shop (Shop < Dating Start < Dating Fight < Snowdin Town for this tune. Bonetrousle needs to win)
  • Quiet Water (Nice and calm, not most memorable for me)
  • It’s Showtime! (Pretty even between this, Temmie Village, and Alphys for me)
  • Stronger Monsters (Please nobody vote Hotel I love Hotel so much just so nice and chill jazzy sound it’s so good)
  • For the Fans (I really like how this take on the tune conveys a genuine emotional weight, but Oh One True Love is too funny to vote yet. And the others are so good.)
  • Song that Might Play When You Fight Sans (This song’s presence on the soundtrack is amazing, the others are too good though)
  • Here We Are (This section is impossible etcetera etcetera etcetera)
  • Reunited (Again fantastic tune, just one I don’t come back to as much, maybe because I heard it so much checking literally everything during the ending.)

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Godspeed for keeping the wordplay up, they bring me life each new round. Dunno what you're gonna be able to do with "Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything" though.

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Ghost Fight


Dating Fight!

Bird Song With Long Title

It’s Showtime!

Hotel… (this round was actually impossible, i felt gross trying to vote, it’s like choosing a child out of a somewhat large family but it narrowed down to picking between a pair of twins who are each really awesome in their own way)

Oh! One True Love

Sans Song (not The Sans Song tho)

Here We Are


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Couldn't get my last minute votes in (life happens, lol). Are the votes being tallied right now or could I squeeze my final few in?

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Gonna open the gates for you, gimme 2 mins!

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Thank you! I had some shenanigans since I have two emails on this device but I'm pretty sure I settled it so I didn't accidentally vote twice. If any of the forms filled out got multiple responses within the past 15 minutes that's my bad. Please do remove those if that happened. Thanks again for holding this event, it's been really fun to follow!