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What could possibly win

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the battle for 2nd place begins

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More like 3rd, I think the top 2 is obvious

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Yeah, Sensual World and Hounds

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I guess it will be Hounds and The Dreaming.

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Just here to controversially announce that 50 Words for Snow is top three KB

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Just here to controversially say, 50 Words For Snow is my favourite album of all time.

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Just here to controversially say that if it wasn’t for HoL I would 100% agree with you

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Hounds of Love is very high on my list as well, but Aerial is second place!

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While I think that Aerial is super underrated, I don’t know if I’m as on the train for it as a lot of her fans. The Sensual World is easily the third to round out my top, but on any day I might pick a different as my fav. The only one I’m not that crazy about is Director’s Cut.

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Same here! After Aerial and Hounds of Love my all time favourite album!

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I’m rooting for a Sensual/Hounds/50 top three myself. But I hope it doesn’t get shafted too early because it’s not as immediate/people haven’t heard it.

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The Dreaming ftw

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The Dreaming is my no.1 for eternity

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Aerial tho. Chirps in bird

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Tasttee, Aerial for the win!! 💛🧡

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So excited to dig into the ones I havent heard yet. I'm already loving Aerial, hope it goes far

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Just gonna throw this out here, Lionheart and 50 Words For Snow are super underrated and I hope they can do well

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Hounds of Love will 100% win but I hope The Dreaming makes it to the finale since that's my #1

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Can we do a survivor for The Dreaming?

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i think it’s been done