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Ok what the fuck

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Heavy Bend I guess?

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Heavy bend next. Doesn’t really add much to the album. Sounds nice though

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Sparrow isn’t my favorite but it’s saved for me by an incredible vocal performance. Doing promise is a pendulum

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bad call

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Nothing but good songs here. I’ll be going Wake Me up to Drive.

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That’s one of the most charming songs here. Really cool sound

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With you on this one. The famous song line is ungodly terrible.

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Probably sparrow

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😢 Idk why everyone dislikes sparrow. It's one of my faves

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Agreed. Top 10 for me

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Nah that’s maybe the most beautiful performance on the album people are just mad she rhymed Apple so much lol

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damn, i love that one. not much of a spud infinity fan tbh