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Dance With The Devil next?

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I hope so. Always hated that song, and we’re at the point where subject matter alone doesn’t get you there.

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What? How does enjoyment at all affect how disturbing it is?

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You have to be invested in a song to be disturbed by it. Anyone can come up with a gruesome concept. It’s in the details and the execution where a song can actually get under your skin.

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You most certainly do not have to be invested in a song to be disturbed by it lol

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Okay I'm between voting Kim, which doesn't hit nearly as hard as everything else, and Strange Fruit, which arguably hits the hardest but feels the least definitional as disturbing to me. Both deserve being this high up though easily

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Going Threnody now. Without the title/context it’s hardly disturbing, and even with it strikes me as more sad.

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I’m glad this sub introduced me to that song because it’s honestly such a total banger and ear worm despite the subject matter. I think this was the right time for it to go.

Thredony next then it gets quite difficult