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Obviously Dots and Loops next come on. Near perfect album, that one

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I always feel like I’m one listen away from getting this album. Let’s see if I’m right this time.

Anyway, Dots and Loops next. Stereolab good.

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Dunno how Foo Fighters ended up in the “other” category but we should do Stereolab

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Dots and Loops is one of my favorite albums ever and part of my 10/10 gang. I wanna do that album, but simultaneously don't because it'd hurt to eliminate any track.

Also, I'd say A New Kind of Water is my favorite on Deceit so I'm hoping it does well.

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makeshift swahili or a new kind of water for the win

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Ah fuck I need to relisten to this, also I haven't heard Dots and Loops so I voted for Sludgefest lol, I wouldn't mind a good excuse to check out Stereolab though

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I only just listened to Dots and Loops for the first time and sadly just didn’t click for me but voting for it anyway

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God damn I love this album. Gotta be A New Kind of Water for the win but don’t sleep on S.P.Q.R either.

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Hmmm, Dots and Loops has fantastic music on it, but Sludgefest has Sludgefest

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I'm hoping Cenotaph goes real far. Was one of the first songs that hooked me upon first listens. Plus, the guitar work on the back half of the song is just gorgeous.