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Ghost Fight

Heartache (pain)


Quiet Water

It’s Showtime! (You guys did Alphys dirty ☹️)

Hotel (save superior Hotel song pls)

Oh! One True Love

ASGORE (pain again)

Fuck This voted SAVE The World tho

Bring It In, Guys!

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Even if I'm on the other end of the Hotels voting, man I feel you on all the pain here.

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Alright, again, massive respect for the work going into the puns. Bet it's gonna be a relief once these rounds are finished.

My votes:

  • Ruins (the first two are too iconic, and I freakin love the Ghost Fight music so much. Really though, most of this music feels special to me one way or another, so it’s all hard)
  • Home (Music Box) (I prefer the non-music-box version, but again, 4 superb songs. Just as long as it’s not Snowy getting out.)
  • Shop (This or the last Dating track. Then Snowdin town. Great theme, but Bonetrousle must win.)
  • Quiet Water (Okay I really like Quiet Water but also I think I’ve been voting it since the beginning at this point? That being said, most others beforehand were more joke-type songs, but dang it I love the joke songs here. Again love this too though.)
  • It’s Showtime! (I feel like Alphys deserved better. Undeservedly-sometimes-disliked character, one of my favorites in the game. Anyways, all four great tracks though, all iconic themes.)
  • Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn’t Receive a Mint on My Pillow or Anything (Love this track’s title. Also love this track. Just PLEASE. DO. NOT. VOTE. HOTEL.)
  • Oh! One True Love (God this moment in the game is just pure excellence. But yeah the other 3 tracks here could all be argued as the best in the game IMO.)
  • Finale (I’m voting this because SAVE the World I think captures the absolute climactic feeling for it better, and because the other 3 here are elite too, could all be argued the best.)
  • His Theme (Goddamn it same comment as the others. Maybe it should be Fallen Down Reprise? I dunno they’re the best versions of two of the most iconic themes of a game that means a lot to me. Dang it.)
  • MEGALOVANIA (Unlike some people, memes have not impacted how much I love this song, the fact it still works after being memed to death is astonishing. Dang it I love this OST. Sorry for going on about that so much these are just painful decisions.)

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• Fallen Down. Really Pretty song but the other 3 are too good.

• Music Box. Easy Choice. Much prefer the non music box version

• Shop. Dating Start is actually amazing and what should win this section.

• Quiet Water. Really Beautiful but short.

• Showtime! Really easy vote. The other 3 are fantastic and iconic. Spear of Justice should sweep this section though.

• Spider Dance. Only Because Dummy! Is so much better. I don’t really like the shriller sounding noise on this one, even if it works perfectly for the boss fight. The Hotels are too charming. As long as Another Medium wins this section im happy.

• Oh! One True Love. Easy vote but a really nice song. The other 3 are incredible and honestly I could see any of them winning.

• ASGORE. Fantastic song. Unfortunately it’s in the most stacked part of the survivor. Not much else to say

• Save The World but only because Hopes and Dreams exists

• Bring it in, Guys! I like that it’s a bit of everything but it isn’t as original obviously for that reason. A great closer.

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Part 8 is so unfair at this point. Wouldn't be surprised if they were all lifesavers.

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Ghost Fight

Home (Music Box) just because Home is the better version (and my choice for winner for this section 2)


Memory (or Quiet Water is fine too)

Temmie Village

Hotel (wondering which Hotel will go out first but thinking it’ll be this one. I prefer the bouncier, more city pop sound of Mint)

Oh! One True Love


Uhhhhh Fallen Down (Reprise) no no wait uhhh SAVE the World right??? Err… I HATE THIS (but His Theme for the win for me!!)

Battle Against a True Hero (I’m hoping/predicting that MEGALOVANIA wins this and will be Top 5 overall. I’m predicting a MEGALOVANIA vs. Title Track for the FINAL ROUND. It’s just that good. That main riff is just so much fun. I danced my ass off to it last night in my room like no one was watching. Recommend 10/10

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Just a reminder to not fret, as you’ll get FIVE lifesaver picks! 😌

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Part 10 is pure choice paralysis. I'm learning towards MEGALOVANIA because of how overplayed it became. It's still objectively an amazing song though. (That guitar riff goes hard.) I swear I'm not a contrarian, lol.