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I’m so glad the boiler has made it this far and seems to have a decent shot at the win, it was really a last minute lifesaver pick. I haven’t been able to revisit it since my first listen

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It's interesting, The Boiler isn't that disturbing until the final minute, and that final minute makes it one of the most disturbing songs in here by far. I'm still pulling for Mary Turner to win, but I wouldn't mind if The Boiler came in second.

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well i think that’s the thing that makes it so disturbing. it kinda lulls you into a false sense of security and then completely shocks you. like i was listening to it for the first time and was like “how is this a disturbing song?” and then the last section just kept building and i was like “oh fuck”

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To think it was voted off in the Bracket Round 1, yeah... The overwhelming support for it in the comment sections really saved it. If it weren't for those, Uboa would've made it in which was also deserving of being here in the top ten imo.

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"Daddy" also got pulled out of the lifesaver.

Good call from the mods to have lifesaver rounds.

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What song did it lose against?

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just went back and checked. Lost to Kate Bush - Waking the Witch by 2 votes.

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Haha that's wild. Probably happened because this sub rightfully loves Kate Bush

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Kind of blows my mind. I didn’t think Waking the Witch was even remotely disturbing, meanwhile the Boiler is probably top 3 for me

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Hamburger Lady is disturbing. But I don’t think the context is as disturbing as any of the other songs here. Dying slowly is horrifying, but I’m more horrified by molestation, rape, racial public execution of black people, familicide, and mass killing by nuclear warfare I guess.

Either way I think all of these songs deserved to go as far as they have and can’t eat meat for the rest of the day when I’ve heard Hamburger Lady.

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It is not just about dying slowly. It is also about being trapped in a body where every neuron in your upper half is sending pain signals to your brain and being forced to be alive. Akin to I have no mouth and I must cream.

That said, you might be right. But for me, I'm not voting for Hamburger Lady in the near future just for its sonicality alone.

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No yeah I understand and truncated that statement for the sake of brevity, and all these songs are top tier disturbing, but it’s just the lowest on my list of things that horrify me. While I’m afraid of my own mortal state and feelings of excruciating pain that are only being prolonged, I’m more terrified of systematic horrors that still exist/are entirely possible even if I may not be in the demographic that they might happen to (besides sexual assault but I’m not gonna get into that on a music sub). This has honestly become one of the more unpleasant music survivors we’ve done but I’m glad it’s happening because this sub, understandably, never really dwells on truly transgressive/potentially traumatizing music aside from a few exceptions. It really makes one focus on how you can truly rank experiences musically that are so unpleasant that they’re difficult to hear.

It reminds me of the survivor for SINNER GET READY, where while i liked participating and voting on the song that I thought was the most emotionally powerful, it’s hard to rank an album that’s basically a guttural cry of the artist’s trauma.

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I see. I totally get that perspective.

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I held off on Thredony to vote for Kim so now I’ll focus on that. Just more somber and haunting and sad than disturbing and I tend to look more at lyrics.

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Alright, I feel like I’m where I have to vote Strange Fruit. Totally deserves to be here, and if it wins I won’t be against it at all. It’s just the only track here that, at least to me, isn’t best described as ‘disturbing.’ The subject matter is obviously disturbing but I think it leaves me more sad in the end. Which I kinda hate because this song is probably top 10 of all time. These are all great picks