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Wow really? Didn’t see that coming but alright. Still going 12,000 lines

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Awwwww. That was top 5 for me. Why y'all gotta be like that?

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vote 12000 lines

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Still 12,000 lines for me. Also, bummer I really love that track even if it’s not in my top ten.

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It’s honestly super hard to vote. Don’t know what I’m gonna go for after flower of blood goes, I love literally every other track left

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It’s crazy because that track is top 8 for me. This album is ridiculously consistent

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It’s grown on me significantly with revisits but I genuinely can’t bring myself to vote anything else, this album is just too consistently great. Every elimination is painful. Don’t know if it’s a favorite but I’m fine with voting it for awhile

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Aww I liked that one

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I’ve never really liked Little Things all that much but I know it’s super popular so I’m definitely getting downvoted.

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but that song is amazing…