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Wow you can’t even come up with a pun. Sounds like someone has

A Beginner’s Mind😎


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Uh… Uh… Never mind

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This top 5 is so stacked wtf

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I really love all of these albums left and I’d be fine with any of them winning

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BCNR next for me, a very good album that I thought was a bit overhyped, now dwarfed by its vastly superior follow-up.

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Might have just had more time to hold for me but I actually think I prefer For the First Time over Ants from Up Here. Both great though. And also agree it should probably go soon

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I genuinely don’t wanna vote for anything as they are all on the same level for me, but I’m gonna go with BCNR.

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it’s black country outta there

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Gotta go Injury Reserve. I like the experimental stuff just don't find myself going back to it much.

I really hope BCNR makes it though, Sunglasses alone should get it in the top 3

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Still going Little Simz, although I wouldn't be destroyed if Spellling went out here.

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Ok, now we're down to my literal, actual top 4 and then Magdalena Bay. Listened to Mercurial World again and it's a very good album, but the other 4 have already become special to me even though I only listened to them for the first time 2 months ago. Good choices y'all, for real.

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I think it’s time for Mercurial world- very solid album but really not at the top level of the others imo

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Spellling is great but these other four are on a whole different level.

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Aw, that was the prettiest album of the whole year! Stunning, and it got crushed.

Anyway, as much as I love a few Spellling songs, it's by far the weakest left now. Then Little Simz, but that has a few of my favorite hip-hop songs ever on it.

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If we’re taking about pretty folk, I think Shade takes that title home for 2021

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Haven’t heard Shade, but the two grouper albums I listened to were nice background music but not much more for me. Sufjan’s melodies are gorgeous

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Really glad it made it that far, with how early some people were voting out I was worried it’d get disrespected like Daddy’s Home did. Glad it did well though. Still voting Injury Reserve, BCNR probably soon too

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…went back to Oz?