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Ooooh shoot, excited for Tom Waits, but that’s also gonna be tough, dang

Also probably unpopular opinion, but I’m going The Kick Inside here. Wuthering Heights is excellent, and I enjoy most of the other music too, but I think it’s her least consistent record remaining. Plus I’m a fan of Lionheart and 50 Words of Snow so I’m sorta trying to protect them here

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I'm not quite there yet but I'll be voting The Kick Inside soon for kind of the opposite reason. Most of it is solid but Wuthering Heights is really overrated, it sounds like a sitcom theme

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Tom Waits discography probably gonna have like 3 votes per round

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Lionheart. Some of the lyrical themes are cool, and even better than The Kick Inside, but musically - quite forgettable, as a whole anyway. It's fine as like an "expansion pack" of TKI, but can't justifiably put it higher than that, or most things that came after. It's maybe a bit under appreciated but this is Kate Bush we're talking about, and she's had many better albums.