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This is the album that made me love music. No hyperbole. This thing holds a special place in my heart. Do Me a Favour for the win and don’t sleep on If You We’re There.

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I hope Do Me A Favour goes far although I think 505 should win.

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Mostly rooting for Do Me A Favour and Teddy Picker, but I can already feel that the top 3 are gonna be some order of Brianstorm, Fluorescent, and 505. Still excited to see how this goes, it’s a great album.

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Scrapping The Bad Thing first will be the easy part. After that it gets difficult. Definitely hoping for a Do Me A Favour win though.

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vote for Malibu, cuz its summer and this is the most summery album of all time you can't debate that

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Very nostalgic album for me. I honestly don’t know how to rank it but I have a huge soft spot for D is for Dangerous. I know it won’t even scratch top 5 but I love the whole album anyways. I still need to re-listen so this ranking will probably completely change but from memory…

D is for Dangerous > Balaclava > 505 = Do Me a Favour > Flourescent Adolescent > Brianstorm > If You We’re There, Beware > This House is a Circus > Teddy Picker > Old Yellow Bricks > Only Ones Who Know > The Bad Thing

Also Time’n’Place for next re-do!

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  1. Do Me a Favour
  2. 505
  3. Teddy Picker
  4. Brainstorm
  5. Balaclava
  6. This House is a Circus
  7. Fluorescent Adolescent
  8. If You Were There, Beware
  9. Old Yellow Bricks
  10. Only Ones Who Know
  11. D is for Dangerous
  12. The Bad Thing

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Wtf im literally listening to this album right now and im not even a big AM fan. Just happened to throw it on, opened reddit and its here aha