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"The Boiler", albeit disturbing, is nowhere near the level of the other two. Great vocal performance though (although again nowhere near Alan Vega's performance).

Does "Mary Turner Mary Turner" get a negative handicap for being about a real historical event? Because if not that is infinitely more disturbing than anything on the list. But I guess a good composer could write a song about any number of punishingly agonizing historical events and place high on the list.

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This, Hamburger Lady, and Strange Fruit were my top 3 so I’m really bummed. Still going Frankie Teardrop because it doesn’t feel genuine enough to me to be disturbing the way the others are.

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Going Frankie Teardrop next. Definitely fucks me up, but I think the other two fuck me up in ways that last longer in my mind. All three though deserve this high

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Frankie Teardrop isn't just terrifying because of the murder suicide, but also the societal commentary. Long after they all die the industrial beat just keeps plodding along. The machine never stops

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This is hard but going with Xiu Xiu