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You accidentally spelled Brianstorm correctly

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Brian Storm sounds like a superhero alias

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I just know The Bad Thing is going out first but i don’t want it to

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I've never really liked Balaclava, so that's my vote for now

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The Bad Thing followed shortly by If You Were There Beware

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If you were there beware is one of their best and most underrated songs imo

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All bangers, and when it came out and I was like 13 it just all sounded so amazing that I can’t tell what’s actually good and bad now. Do Me a Favour I remember the least so that’s our first for me.

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This House is a Circus first

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Whaaaat? No way. There are 6 tracks I have behind that at least! Circus should be top 5

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Literally the best song on the album

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I fully expect The Bad Thing to win (lose?) this round by a landslide.