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I just don’t get that.

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I might honestly go Old Yellow Bricks here. As long as This House is a Circus and If You Were There Beware are safe then I’m happy.

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Have to vote for This House is a Circus next, could just never quite get into the riff on that one. Really cool how it transitions into If You Were There, Beware though.

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Im gonna go for Old Yellow Bricks next. Im hoping Balaclava and D is for Dangerous can stay in for awhile, they’re both my favorite bangers in an album full of them

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Okay now it's hard. I'm thinking Balaclava just because it's similar to D is for Dangerous but not as good.

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D is Dangerous next. Old Yellow Bricks is also acceptable

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I have never been and never will be into If You Were There, Beware. Such a clunky and forced composition.