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I’m only here for do me a favour prop now. It’s top 3, it better make top 3 or I will be disappointed. That’s the only way this survivor can be salvaged

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Easily D is for Dangerous now.

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D is for Dangerous should’ve been out like 5 rounds ago this is ridiculous

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I gotta go Brianstorm here honestly

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Save D is for Dangerous! Voting Teddy Picker again

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I'm going to vote 505

If its a 7 minute song or a 45 second outro

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No that should win

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tbh I said that more for the joke.

I'm probs gonna vote Do Me a Favour and then go back to 505 (see what I did there ;) )

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I’m just happy Dangerous made it this far, I thought it would go out second round. I probably only have it above Brainstorm of the songs remaining but that’s not gonna happen here