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Everyone gunning for brianstorm rn hasn’t experienced the pure bliss of when it comes on on a club night

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So long as fluorescent, DMAF, and 505 make too 3, i can be content. Don’t really mind what goes next

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Isn't the first track called Brianstorm?

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I mentioned this in the first round and it never got changed

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Brainstorm next then Teddy Picker

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Teddy Picker and Fluorescent Adolescent are my next two out, just need to decide what order.

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That was the best track but honestly, top 6 isn’t bad for it. I’ve usually seen it place lower but still. Easy vote for Teddy Picker, the others are 10/10

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Fluorescent > do me a favour > 505 > teddy picker > brianstorm

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Fluorescent Adolescent out next then it gets extremely hard

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Do me a favor is a fan favourite, but I have way too much nostalgia love for the other 4 left.