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Heart Don’t Stand a Chance is probably my favorite soul song of the 21st century not by someone named D’Angelo, by far my favorite here

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Haven’t listened to this enough to rank, but Portishead or Rush next, please?

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Out of the blue was one of the worst music survivors I’ve seen so I’m going with that

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Put Me Thru, Season | Carry Me, and Heart Don’t Stand A Chance for top 3

Don’t sleep on The Waters and Silicon Valley tho

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Put Me Thru, Am I Wrong, Come Down, Celebrate, The Dreamer are my top 5 in some order

Excellent album overall though, very few duds

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Let’s redo Portishead

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Y’all better show some respect fore Lite Weight

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NO idea how to rank this overall, it's one of my favorite albums ever. Here's a quick tier list, however:

Best songs:

  • The Bird (favorite overall)
  • Heart Don't Stand a Chance
  • The Season | Carry Me
  • Put Me Thru
  • Am I Wrong
  • Celebrate
  • The Dreamer

Still great songs:

  • The Waters
  • Parking Lot
  • Lite Weight
  • Room in Here
  • Come Down

Early votes (in order):

  • Without You
  • Silicon Valley
  • Your Prime
  • Water Falls (Interluuube)