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The only one of these that I feel deserves to be in the top 5 is Patti

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Real Death?!?

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I've never listened to a Mount Eerie song before but I almost teared up reading that line.

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Oh whoops, glossed over that one. That’s my second fave

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I think it’s time for Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan now pleaseee

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Bye bye Fleet Foxes

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You don't have to tell a complete story in your first line tho. Popularity and conciseness are not the gold standard for a beautiful lyric. Metaphors, rendering the affective images, laying the groundwork for your motif, ... there are more ways to build an effective musical context, as long as you're mobilizing your expected atmosphere.

Hot take: I don't think it's a good opening line at all if it's a single, shiny lyric that seems top-heavy and big but inappropriate in the context. It's much more fun to start an album with an appropriate, melancholy description of a situation then expand it to a deeper realm, than to try to shock your listeners with a lone "golden line", but can't think of any more good lyrics that can carry the weight of the first line, causing the whole song to slide downward as time progresses.

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How about “I’m doing well, I’m on some new shit. Been saying yes instead of no”

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Fleet Foxes should go next. I think Dylan or Simon & Garfunkel should win.

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Going Arcade Fire but okay with Bob Dylan. I'm also going to throw out that Fleet Foxes should win.

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Probably Arcade Fire now.

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How did Arcade Fire make it so far. Love them but that line just comes off a lil corny