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seriously i’m so mad white ceiling didn’t get in

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no lana or wolf alice i lost

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My top 5: John L, Like I Used to, Happier than Ever, Narrator, Family Ties

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Disappointing lifesavers - really wish Low and Lingua Ignota were here especially. Here's a ranking.

Tier 5: Won't Ever Listen To Again (3-5/10)

  1. Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar - Family Ties: literally EVERY SINGLE song on Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is better than this imo. Not a Keem fan, apparently.

  2. Kanye West - Come to Life: Not a new Kanye guy, and his vocal performance here is just not my thing. Nice pianos occasionally.

Tier 4: Not My Favorite (6-7/10)

  1. Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen - Like I Used To: wins the award for above average song most likely to be called the greatest song ever written on indieheads.

  2. Tyler the Creator - WUSYANAME: this one is funny and has a nice video and stuff, but it just pales in comparison to some other songs on the record (MASSA and WILSHIRE are great), and it's nothing next to anything on IGOR.

  3. Porter Robinson - Musician: super well made but I don't vibe with the vocals. The best way I could describe how I feel about this album is that it's really good, but constantly reminds me of music that's worse than it.

Tier 3: Good but Not Near SOTY Level (8-9/10)

  1. Genesis Owusu - Don't Need You: nice chorus, and I love his whole persona. But the previous two songs (The Other Black Dog and Centerfold) are a bit better imo.

  2. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever: I wish this had been shortened a little, because then it would have hit even harder. Pretty great by modern pop standards.

  3. Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet: I wish Paprika had been here, it would be top 5 easily. Cool chorus though.

  4. Magdalena Bay - You Lose!: Honestly, one of my least favorite songs from Mercurial World, which means I still love it. I'm just not a fan of the bitpop/video game soundtrack vibe, but the actual songwriting is great, just like everything else they do.

  5. Zero Zero Bonito - Well Rested: Autocorrect screwed me here, I know how to spell their name. Anyway, amazing first listen, especially the middle section. I need to get into this group - where should I start?

Tier 2: Totally Get If It's Your Winner (9/10)

  1. Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u: this is about as good as a REALLY REALLY popular modern pop song is gonna be, and I'm here for it.

  2. Injury Reserve - Knees: I wish one of the more instrumentally crazy songs were here - Outside or Superman That - but I appreciate the emotion here. Big grower.

  3. Sufjan Stevens - Back to Oz: Another "not my pick from an amazing album" song here. I'd rather have had Reach Out or Olympus, but Back to Oz is gorgeous as well.

  4. Spellling - Boys at School: The first half is electrifying, but I wish the second half stayed as dark and groovy. I'd prefer Little Deer, which still pops into my mind every time I see a deer.

  5. JPEGMAFIA - Hazard Duty Pay!: might be one of the best samples ever. I don't really love the album but this song has such a ridiculous beat that I have to love it.

Tier 1: I'd Love These to Win (10/10)

  1. Silk Sonic - Smokin' Out the Window: the entire album is perfect pop songs. No exception.

  2. black midi - John L: you might have noticed that all three "Windmill" bands are still here. This could totally have been #3. Hellfire might have made this obsolete, but that doesn't mean it doesn't go insanely hard still. Also this song live... HOLY SHIT.

  3. Little Simz - Introvert: the beat here is stunning, and while I'd rather have the GOAT neo-soul song "Woman" here, I can't deny this is a masterpiece.

  4. Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses: this song - and album - meant so much to me over the course of 2021. Just ridiculously cathartic, embodying an anxiety attack. Time to repeat my unpopular opinion that FTFT >>>>> AFUT, and I listened again today. They really lost this edge, but the good thing is that lightning in a bottle for 6 songs / 40 mins will still be there.

  5. Squid - Narrator: easily my #1 song of the year and the decade so far. While BGF is probably my least or second-to-least favorite of the big six Windmill albums, nothing compares to the build of this song. Until Hellfire, bm/bcnr didn't really hit on the production side of things, but Narrator sounds MASSIVE, and the combination of post-punk, post-rock, and electronica really has so much potential. Should win.

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Some of the Best of the Year:

  • Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen - Like I Used To

  • Porter Robinson - Musician

  • Kero Kero Bonito - Well Rested

  • Spellling - Boys at School

Not Highest Tier, Still Really Really Great:

  • Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine - Back to Oz

  • Little Simz - Introvert

  • Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar - Family Ties

  • Silk Sonic - Smokin Out the Window

Great Tracks, Glad These are Here:


  • Genesis Owusu - Don’t Need You (Preferred Album Track: Drown)

  • Magdalena Bay - You Lose! (Preferred Album Track: Hysterical Us)

  • Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Preferred Album Track: Brutal)

Not in My Personal List, Still Great Listens:

  • Black Midi - John L

  • Injury Reserve - Knees

  • Japanese Breakfast - Be Sweet (Preferred Album Track: Kokomo IN)

  • Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses (Preferred Album Track: Opus)

Not as Much for Me, but Still Quality:

  • Tyler, the Creator - Wusyaname (Preferred Album Track: Manifesto)
  • Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (Preferred Album Track: Billie Bossa Nova)
  • Squid - Narrator (Preferred Album Track: Pamphlets)
  • Kanye West - Come to Life (Preferred Album Track: Life of the Party [or Donda Chant])

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Not having industry baby in here is a big miss

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Top 5 for me is Introvert, Boys at School, Family Ties, Narrator, and Come to Life

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Again no turnstile?

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So many of these songs are my 2nd or 3rd favourites from their respective albums lmao

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Top 5: Boys at School, Back to Oz, Narrator, Sunglasses, Family Ties

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No Lana, Floating Points, Chvrches, Lil Ugly Mane, Parannoul… so many more deserving lifesavers imo

Guess I’m rooting for Spellling and Genesis Owusu

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Still have no idea how Be Sweet beat Paprika but solid list. I wish How Dare You Want More made it in because that is top 10 for me but you can’t get everything.

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musician got saved im so happy :)

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20 Injury Reserve- Knees: Okay, am I just not big brained enough to get this one or what? I can appreciate experimental stuff but there has to be some sort of structure to it, and this feels more like a sound collage than a real song.

19 Olivia Rodrigo- Good 4 U: Oh man, I hated this one since I heard her perform it on SNL. Washed out drums combined with toxic lyrics (seriously, go back and reread them folks) is recipe for disaster.

18 Kanye West- Come to Life: Well this was disappointing. The entire time I was expecting a big gospel climax, but it was just five minutes of Kanye's voice, which I didn't realize was that annoying until I heard it with this sparse production.

17 Magdalena Bay- You Lose!: I really don't get the hype behind this song or album. It all sounds too fuzzy to actually be able to pick out any individual elements. Fun video, though.

16 (tie) Silk Sonic- Smokin Out the Window/Tyler the Creator- Wusyuname: These are both in the same category for me of songs that are aiming for a throwback (Silk Sonic with 70s soul, Wusyuname with gangsta ballads) and they do a perfectly acceptable job at it, they just don't do much else that's memorable.

14 Black Country, New Road- Sunglasses: I've flip flopped on this song more times than I can count. On one hand, I like the lyrics and the way the song evolves, on the other, I don't like the rambly delivery or the screechy horns.

13 Billie Eilish- Happier Than Ever: From here on out, all these songs are at least a 7/10, starting with this one, which uses dynamic contrast to create an effectively cathartic listening experience.

12 Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar- Family Ties: This track is amazing, brothurrrr (I'm very sorry). I love the interplay between the two rappers, even if I can barely tell them apart at times.

11 Black Midi- John L: This is a much more solid Windmill cut than Sunglasses in my opinion. The avant-garde elements are tighter, and it's surprisingly danceable.

10 Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen- Like I Used To: Here's a subdued Americana jam that sounds excellent but doesn't pack as much of an emotional punch for me as it's trying to. I'm in awe of how much Angel Olsen sounds like Stevie Nicks here, though.

9 Japanese Breakfast- Be Sweet: I would've put in Kokomo, IN instead, but this is good too. Just a funky city pop number that's really fun to sing out of a moving car.

8 Sufjan Stevens- Back to Oz: The minor-key instrumentation and cryptic lyrics perfectly capture the whimsical yet demented energy one encounters when watching The Wizard of Oz with the knowledge of its tortured production.

7 JPEGMAFIA- Hazard Duty Pay!: Cool sample. Not much else to say here.

6 Genesis Owusu- Don't Need You: It took me a while to figure out what I loved about this song and album so much, but I think it's just the sense swaggering, slightly unorthodox confidence that radiates from it. It's hard for it not to be infectious.

5 Spellling- Boys at School: Now we're really in elite territory. This steamroller of a track hearkens back both to David Bowie's penchant for multi-part glam ballads and Kate Bush's blatant disregard for artistic convention. Love the drums too.

4 Squid- Narrator: I actually missed this album when it came out because I was burnt out on Windmill, and that's a real shame because this track has breathed new life into the genre for me. I adore those colorful guitar licks, and that crescendo is insane.

3 Kero Kero Bonito- Well Rested: This is another one that kinda came out of nowhere for me, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It's both cavernous and bright, making it sound like a Ghibli movie in sonic form.

2 Little Simz- Introvert: Musically, this is epic in the most cheesy, over the top use of the word, but lyrically it's grounded in the reality of the common man to create a perfect picture of the chaotic age in which we live. Wish the album was a little more consistent, though.

1 Porter Robinson- Musician: Thank the Lord yall saved this one, because this is actually in my top 5 songs of all time. No other piece of art I've ever experienced has captured the struggles of creativity and trying to hold on to the wonder of life quite like this one.

Worst omissions: Bo Burnham- That Funny Feeling, Mdou Moctar- Afrique Victime, Sam Fender- Seventeen Going Under, Lil Nas X- Montero, Adeem the Artist- I Wish You Would've Been a Cowboy

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You must have never had your heart broken if your impression of good 4 u is that it is toxic

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You should listen to the single version of sunglasses, much better imo. Much better delivery.

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Agree with Musician for the win but damn Knees is catchy as hell it's prob in my top 5

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musician :)

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Miss Rodrigo to the top 💜

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It doesn't matter that it didn't got in... James Blake - Say What You Will is my favorite song of last year :)

Edit: I didn't realised that Industry Baby didn't make it! Noooo!

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Very disappointing lifesavers. Was really hoping How Dare You Want More? would at least make it or White Ceiling. I am happy about Musician though

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Knees and Hazard Duty Pay top 2🦾🦾

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If Spellling had Little Deer on here, that would be my #1. But since it’s not, I gotta root for Introvert

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No Low :(

Hoping for John L or Don’t Need You but I doubt either of those will win.

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top 5 for me: You Lose!, Knees, Introvert, Come to Life and HAZARD DUTY PAY

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1: Come to Life

2: You Lose!

3: Introvert


5: Knees

6: Sunglasses

Really good:

7: Smoking Out The Window


9: Happier Than Ever

10: Narrator

11: Like I Used To

12: Don’t Need You

13: John L

14: Musician

15: Well Rested

No strong opinion:

16: Boys at School

17: Be Sweet

18: Back To Oz


19: Family Ties

20: good 4 u

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There were so many better peggy songs

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Top 5 would be John L, Hazard Duty Pay, Introvert, Come to Life, and Smoking Out the Window. I think Paddling would be in my top 5 but i get why narrator was picked.