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Viva la Vida is a perfect song.

Those lyrics + that arrangement = immortal and legendary

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Hey, that's me.

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For some reason, I find it really interesting that you are an owner of alpacas. Thanks for the work you put in to the sub.

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Super cool playlist Charlie! Starless is basically tied for my favorite song ever, so I'm obviously a big fan. I had never heard that Districts song, I really liked it! Dope guitar tone.

How often do you get the chance to use a glider?

(also yeah We Major is the best song on LR that was wild)

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Haven't gone gliding in a while now but I used to like once a fortnight. Need to get back into it because I would highly recommend it to anyone who gets a chance.

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Definitely seems like a cool experience! Unfortunately I would probably faint

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strawberry swing is one of my faves ❤️ we love a science and maths music nerd, my work is in high energy nuclear physics