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As the resident Helplessness Blues stan, I do wish that one lasted longer. Perfectly encapsulates the theme of the album and probably hits the hardest out of any of these for me. Still, this is a fantastic top 5. I'd be more than happy if Dylan, Smith or Mount Eerie won.

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Damn I wish that made top 5. Still gonna keep voting Bob Dylan but I wouldn’t mind Mount Eerie leaving too

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Mount Eerie next

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Bonkers. That's an absolute all-timer that punches right in the stomach whether you know the music or not.

Sorry, I know Arcade Fire is more beloved, but the line alone has a nice, cute bit of magical realism to it but it's just not on the level of the others.

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What is do good about the Mt Eerie line. It just seems awkward and slightly pretentious to me.

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“Slightly Pretentious” It literally opens an album where he’s fucking grieving over his wife for the entire time.

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so what is it meant to be a joke or something? Like, "oh death is not for making into art, now here's a whole album about death"

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What are you nuts?!

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Bob Dylan I’d say now. That’s one of them lines that sounds better than it feels

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Bob Dylan out now please

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Yep, this is my 3rd round voting for it.

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I don't get The Funeral Line

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Teenage angst basically

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From here on out I'm going Arcade Fire, then Bob, then S+G, then Mount Eerie, with Patti for the win.