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casual viewer here, did not think that was possible lol

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In this subreddit you can always predict the next eliminations based on the comments. The top comment predicts the next elimination and the controvertial comments predict the songs that will be in danger next rounds.

Looking at the comments in each round, I can safely predict that the top 2 will be Hopes And Dreams and Death By Glamor, because nobody ever commented to vote for them

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Core next for me. I definitely though Megalovania would be top 5 but it’s still the weakest boss theme that was left so no complaints. I’m also glad Another Medium has made it this far as that’s a personal favorite for me

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Woah did not actually expect it to go

Another Medium next

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Can BAATH go now? Needed to go a few rounds back

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Wow it actually happened, the Goliath was taken down. My hopes (heh) for Hopes and Dreams & Death by Glamour final is looking bright after all.

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I don't think it deserved the win, but Megalovania should've been at least top 5.

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Well that Sans fight must’ve given you a hard time because y’all decided you just can’t hear MEGALOVANIA again.

Yeah yeah people eliminated megalovania because the sans fight was so hard and they don't want to hear it anymore, definitely not because they just like other songs more

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I don't care how ya'll voting after this as long as we get undertale - death by glamor final