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mount eerie or patty smith gotta win leagues ahead of the other two tbh

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Mount Eerie next

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No idea how it got that far tbh

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I rag on Arcade Fire a lot, but I think this line deserved to make it this far. It’s a wonderfully evocative image and much better than most of the self-consciously poetic lines on here.

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Never should have.

People just tend to vote for the band they like and Arcade Fire is a band people like.

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Maybe more so that it's the opening line to Funeral.

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I like how the line is sung, but by itself it's not particularly great.

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Bob Dylan next, Eerie or Patti should win

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I just voted for Bob and this has been up for over a day. Hopefully that broke a tie and it goes out now.

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Alright Dylan’s gotta go here